BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Dongle MA1507-Dongle MA1507-Dongle 為一低功耗藍芽4.0 Dongle,支援NUS (Nordic UATR Service) ,可與週邊且具有藍牙功能的產品相連結,進行資料傳輸等功能。
MA1507-Dongle is a low power consumption Bluetooth 4.0 Dongle, supports NUS (Nordic UATR Service), could link with Bluetooth products to transmit data.
地磁路邊停車感測器 MA1608T-VP 感測器是利用汽車底盤的金屬與地球磁場變化的原理,將感測器埋入地面後,利用演算法去判斷汽車是否停放於路邊停車格內,再透過無線傳輸技術 (LoRa + Gateway)將偵測到的數據傳送到雲端的路邊停車格管理系統。
The sensor measures the change in earth’s magnetic field that is caused by car’s chassis. After the sensor is buried underground, it could determine whether there is a car with algorithms. It will send the detected data by wireless transmission technology (LoRa + Gateway) to roadside parking management system.