UR1200A是微程式資訊自製研發的主動式RFID 無線射頻讀取器,內建短距式觸發器,除將觸發、讀取功能二合一外,亦採取小型、輕量化之設計,使之輕易安裝於各角落。UR1200A並提供RS-485介面,可支援大部分應用系統,使既有系統具備無線感測能力。主動式RFID讀取器(MP-1309搭配電子標籤(UCT120/UKT100/MA1603)具有多功能、高效能的競爭優勢,精簡的通訊協定非常容易開發相關的應用系統。電子標籤的功能是傳送標籤信息到讀取器設備,讀取器設備的功能是接收電子標籤信息再轉送到其他應用程序,電子標籤和讀取器設備可形成一對多的星型無線網路應用,例如無線感測器網路的應用。


UR1200A is an active RFID, it integrates trigger and reader in a tiny and light designed body for easy installation. Active RFID reader is a multi-function, high efficiency and competitive product. UR1200R uses E-tag (UCT120/UKT100/MA1603), this combination provides nice API for development. The function of E-tag is to send message to the reader and the reader will forward the messages to other processes, so E-tag and reader will be a one-to-many wireless network such as wireless network application.


項目 規格
UHF Frequency 922MHz~928MHz
UHF Antenna Pattern  Omni
UHF Range (Reader-Tag)   150 meter
LF Frequency 125 KHz
LF Range (Activator-Tag) 10 meter
I/O Interface RS232/ RS485/ Wiegand 26,34 
Dimensions (mm) 85*128*33mm
Weight 156g (含管狀天線)
Mounting Wall-Mounted
工作溫度 0℃~70 ℃
工作濕度 10%~100% RH
儲存溫度 -40℃~85 ℃
儲存溼度 10%~100% RH
外殼材質 ABS+PC
Inpute Power (Adaptor) DC12~24V
消耗功率 3W
保固期限 1年



●  Trigger is low offset RSSI
●  Accurate triggering distance within 4m, resolve up to 64 segments
●  Increase tag capacity to multiple tag receiving amount
●  Develop fast and easily
●  Integrate trigger and reader in one.
●  Ethernet communication is easy to connect with different equipment also link with backend for big data analysis purpose.
●  UHF RF long-distance could collect TAG info to achieve big data analysis and monitor purpose.
  • Access control
  • Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Industrial environmental personnel safety control
  • Logistics tracking
  • Health and Medical Care
  • Asset management
  • Manufacturing process management
  • SOS
  • MCU: 8051 uC core
  • Frequency (UHF): 922MHz~928MHz
  • Frequency Distance (UHF)100 meters
  • Frequency (LF): 125KHz
  • Frequency Distance (LF): 4 meters
  • Tag Received per second: 80
  • Interface: Ethernet 10M/100M
  • Enclosure MaterialABS+PC
  • Installation: Wall-Mounted
  • Power Supply: +12V
  • Power Consumption: 3W
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ +70℃
  • Dimensions: 85 x 128 x 33(mm)