Parking Lot E-Payment Solution Recognized by Taiwan Excellence Award

The Parking Lot E-Payment Solution independently developed by Microprogram sets a brand-new milestone for smart parking lot management by becoming the first solution to launch an e-invoice service for parking equipment and being awarded the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award.
The “Parking Lot E-Payment Solution” developed by Microprogram provides parking lot users with a fast access and convenient payment service. The easy to use management system is tailored for parking lot operators, which can remotely control all sites and transaction information in real time.

微程式停車場電子支付獲台灣精品獎 左五為微程式經理梁家禎

Microprogram also establishes a safe and reliable account settlement mechanism with electronic ticket companies based on their solutions. The company is the first to introduce the e-invoice service never seen before on the market for parking management equipment. The service converges all electronic services necessary for parking lot operation and forms the close cross-field cooperation between parking lot operator, Microprogram and ticket companies.

Through its R&D efforts, Microprogram integrate physical products, connect the cloud system and provide the technical counseling service to process cross-industry transactions and service interfacing. This enables the company to meet the needs of the service pattern of 24/7 parking lot and the aspects of operation management, system integration, service optimization and account settlement in order to create a one-stop service value.

Microprogram manager Liang Chia Chen said, Microprogram’s parking lot system currently supports e-payment for the four major tickets of EasyCard, iPASS, icash and HappyCash. There are more than 350 posts set up all over the parking lots in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan with more than 3 million transactions. It proves smart parking and e-payment have become the key trend of the parking service in the era of IoT.

In the future, Microprogram’s parking service will extend from parking lots to nearby stores, even roadside parking lots. In addition to providing customers with parking discounts from contracted stores, discount on purchases will be made available by working with stores, bringing unlimited business opportunities to parking lots and nearby stores.