Microprogram Certified by ISO27001 to Tune Up Information Security


Microprogram is certified by ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System, ISMS) in July 2017. The information security action team, led by general manager Wu Tengyen, is awarded the certificate of ISO 27001 “Information Security Management System International Standard”. With this certification, Microprogram has met the international standard in information security management and is capable of building a solid wall of information security.


Comprehensive Upgrade of Information Security
General manager Wu Tengyen said, as the data of the service system provided by Microprogram becomes more and more comprehensive and complex, an information security upgrade becomes imminent. Through the examination under the ISO 27001 information security certification this time, they not only review the potential threats exposed to their internal and external system services, also have a deeper understanding of the risks faced by current information systems. Therefore, Microprogram set up enhanced management and authentication mechanisms for system planning, operating procedure and personnel control to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system services provided by Microprogram as well as to strengthen risk assessment and security management level. With both information security and technology as the principle of risk control, Microprogram will be able to upgrade its information security level comprehensively by implementing it in employees’ routines.


Standardized Management Workflow
Wu Tengyen emphasizes that, with the certification of ISO 27001 Information security System, the company has effectively improved the standardization and smoothness of its information management, R&D system and workflow. Internally, this not only reduces the operational risk of information systems, also creates the standard operating procedure and safety guidelines for the information security at Microprogram. Externally, this ensures the data center management and network service of all the information services provided by Microprogram, which in turn ensures user privileges of the provided services.

Build a Trustworthy and Professional Team
Currently, Microprogram is actively extending its information security and protection business to the system service segment in the Chinese market as the next step of their business development. They also continue to invest in the field of information security, set up a dedicated information security team and obtain relevant certifications. This enables all of the information systems provided by Microprogram to be protected safely, effectively and in real time, offering a safer, more reliable and 24/7 technical service for all users. That is, they try to become the most trustworthy “long-term partner of industrial technology service” in the minds of their customers.


Microprogram Certified by ISO27001 to Tune Up Information Security