Microprogram Receives the “Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award”


Industrial technology service provider Microprogram has been cultivating various industries for many years. Recently, the company is recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ 24th “Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award” for the “RideLife - Bicycle e-Service Solution” which they worked with Giant to develop. With this solution, they have successfully driven the traditional industry of bicycle to enter the world of IoT. It also brings Microprogram the “Taiwan Excellence Award” and “Taiwan Mittelstand Award” in 2017, creating yet another eye-catching performance.


Improve Riding Experience by Introducing Technical Service
To improve the riding experience for cyclists, Microprogram works with Giant to develop the “RideLife - Bicycle e-Service Solution” that combines the smart technology of Big Data analysis and IoT, providing cyclists with the best riding experience. General manager Wu Teng Yan said, the ”RideLife - Bicycle e-Service Solution” integrates the ARS Bluetooth alarm sensing device (Alarm Ride Sense), RideLife APP, RideLife Web, mobile e-warranty card, digital store and CRM cyclist Big Data management platform. The target is to improve user experience and perform an overall digital upgrade. With their professional technology, they can realize a series of technology introduction, smart innovation breakthrough from problem exploration, process re-engineering, innovation planning, design and development to back-end maintenance. Industries can evolve and transform while customer values can be physically realized and focused on.


整合人車店騎流程安全再升級Further Tune Up the Safety Level by Integrating “Cyclist, Bike, Store and Cycling” Processes
According to Microprogram manager Hsiao Shunwang, the core of “RideLife - Bicycle e-Service Solution” is “e-Riding Lift and Comprehensive Protection”. The company is the first in the industry to integrate “Cyclist, Bike, Store and Cycling” with the aim of re-optimizing and simplifying the bicycle delivery process. It reduces the time it takes to purchase and deliver bicycles. By digitizing paper warranty card and putting it online, as well as planning the CRM cyclist Big Data management platform, Big Data can be utilized effectively to conduct user-oriented exploration and development and meet the market trend and user requirements.

In addition, as occurrences of stolen member bikes are common, the built-in ARS Bluetooth alarm sensing device not only provides speed and pedal frequency records, also has functions of smart theft alarm, bike location bell, fall off notification and lost bike search, providing bicycle owners with comprehensive safety protection.



Seize the Opportunity of the Trend to Tap the Global Market
Wu Teng Yan said, the popular global trend of smart product applications now is the sports and fitness industry. By introducing the IoT technology to riding services, Microprogram is the first company to provide a system service of electronically integrated information and seize the business opportunity of the sports industry. The company becomes the first domestic enterprise to collaborate with the leader of the bicycle industry to invest in wearable devices in the fields of sports and fitness and related applications. This is iconic both in terms of industry upgrade and cross-industry integration.  To receive the “Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award” is the joint effort of everyone in the company.
In the future, Microprogram will continue to leverage its innovation energy to realize the corporate mission of “Long-term Partner of Industrial Technology Partner”. They will work with industry leaders, support startup teams and be ready to shine in the global market.