Microprogram Upgrades Bicycles with IoT and Big Data


2018年04月03日 工商時報 黃俊榮

On the 23rd last month, the Taipei Cycle Industry Forum was held at Lihpao Land. Wu Tengyen, general manager at Microprogram, was invited to share his thoughts on the innovative applications of bicycle IoT and Big Data with the topic of “The application of Big Data and IoT in the bicycle industry”. Microprogram have operated in the field of bicycle IoT for more than a decade. In addition to adding the wing of IoT to YouBike and export it overseas, they work with major bicycle manufacturers to develop smart sensor device and CRM data platform to strengthen the connection between bicycle and user, create an irreplaceable stickiness experience and lay the solid foundation for the upgrading of Taiwan’s traditional bicycle industry.

As bicycles become a product of high quality, lightweight and high unit price, the application of the IoT technology to bicycles has been even more matured and stabilized. In recent years, international cycling competitions used IoT and Big Data analytic technologies extensively, which turned the competition into a more technological one. This is the best case of bicycle IoT application.

Wu Tengyen said, as constantly driven by the digital trend, the update frequency of software and hardware keeps changing and evolving with user experience. With innovative technology, Microprogram tries to inject energy to the bicycle industry. On top of software and hardware design and R&D technologies as well as forward-looking business planning capability, the company also has a user research (user centered design) and Big Data team in place to conduct research and analysis for their services, get an insight into the target market for industry partners and equip themselves with capabilities to respond to the ever-changing market, allowing them to realize the infinite imagination of bicycle IoT.

Microprogram continues to develop sensing technology, such as BLE, LoRa, 3G, 4G, WiFi, Sub-1G and NB-IoT, for IoT and Big Data to become important players in the industry. In the bicycle industry, the company rapidly increase their market competitiveness and work with leading companies of other industries to expand in the international market.

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Microprogram Upgrades Bicycles with IoT and Big Data