Microprogram Launches IPO and Goes Listing


To expand and provide better services, and create an office space better fits the new work style, Microprogram, the long-term partner of industrial technology service, relocates its HQ to the Fongyi Shihcheng Hohsin building and organizes a relocation tea party. The tea party is joined by Taichung City major Lin Chia-lung, deputy mayor Zhang Guang-Yao, YouBike chairman King Liu, Taiwan Optical Platform president Chien Senyuan and other distinguished guests.

In Microprogram’s new HQ, scenario display of the topics of ITS(Intelligent Transport System), smart retail, smart bike, smart manufacturing and smart identification is organized in the product showroom to realize the mission and vision of “Micro Service. New Technology, Meet New Industry Values”. This showcases their R&D efforts in recent years. To activate local industry and communicate and interact with the community, Microprogram’s Dreamforest will organize community workshops and product presentations from time to time and play the role of technical advisor to carry out the grand ideal of “Connect Industries and Foster Startups” on a continuous basis.

This year, Microprogram launches the expansion plan into the overseas markets by exhibiting in the Smart Cities India 2018 Expo in New Delhi, India. This allows the company to provide the maturely developed technology in Taiwan and the best solution to rapidly growing Indian smart cities, thus displaying Microprogram's strong ambition to enter oversea markets. In addition, Microprogram has officially launched the internal audit and control processes this year with the purpose of IPO in two years to attract more talents and create a win-win scenario for customers, shareholders and employees.

“This year is the 23rd year since Microprogram was established,” said Wu Tengyen, general manager at Microprogram. “With the new style brought forth by the new space, and thanks to the support and assistance given by all of our customers, partners and media friends for so many years, Microprogram will commit ourselves to our corporate social responsibility (CSR), pursue the sustainable corporate operation and development, increase revenues together with shareholders and partners and create more diversified IoT opportunities with industry partners.”