Microprogram Builds Smart City with IoT Technology

▲ Tony Wu, Microprogram CEO

Microprogram, A Long-Term Partner for Industries Transforming Their Technology Service

Founded in 1995, Microprogram supports its industrial partners through their technology transformation with IoT and is the biggest e-payment device provider in Taiwan. Microprogram provides services on the fields of e-payment, wireless sensing, cloud data. Based on the core technologies of user research, vertical integration of software and hardware technologies, edge sensing devices, mobile apps, cloud service platforms and big data analysis, Microprogram is able to help different industries, including transportation, finance, retail, manufacturing and bicycles, to innovate and upgrade themselves. For its excellence performance supporting industrial partners, Microprogram has won numerous accolades including the 24th National Award of Outstanding SMEs, the 4th Mittelstand Award – Potential Nominees, the 25th Taiwan Excellence Award, and the 24th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award.

No matter whether it’s taking public transport systems with electronic tickets, taking a cruise in the city on a rented public bicycle, shopping at a mall,  introducing the IoT technology to the manufacturing industry or industrial automation, the convenient services from Microprogram are everywhere to be seen in our lives. For instance, the electronic transport tickets by Microprogram could be used for YouBike, bus, MRT, rail, vending machine of coca-cola/Uni-President Vender, parking lots, and Taiwan Taxi. We also cooperate with electronic ticket, third-party payment and financial institutions to actively tap the diverse payment market, driving the services of different industries to achieve a more comprehensive, convenient, and smart life of technology.

Realizing Smart City Convenience with New Ways of Transport

微程式-智慧停車解決方案(Smart Parking Solution)榮獲「台灣精品獎」(右四為微程式梁家禎資深經理)
▲  Smart Parking Solution was awarded Taiwan Excellence Award (4th from the right: Nick Liang, Microprogram Senior Manager)

Microprogram has been cultivating in the field of smart transportation for more than 10 year. Focusing on the R&D of user service design and product testing, big data collection, and AI modeling ,Microprogram enhances the technology in solutions for mass transportation and parking whilst constantly
injecting technology innovation. In the field of smart parking, Smart Parking Solution of Microprogram was awarded Taiwan Excellence Award in 2017. The patented one-piece design of the pillar is embedded with integrated multi-e-payment and e-invoice system as well as license plate recognition system. Not only the Smart Parking Solution mitigates the queuing time for customers to enter and exit the sites, it also significantly reduces operating cost as parking
lot operators can now access real-time accounting and parking space information through the cloud backend management system. There are 350 sites in Taiwan that are equipped with the Smart Parking Solution. Microprogram plans to add localized service in the Smart Parking Solution. With precise positioning, bespoke notifications of events and special offers will be pushed to customers based on their preference and thus effectively increased customer stickiness and favorableness, resulting in a winwin situation for both end user and the service operator.

Microprogram also developed and designed its unique Smart Parking Sensor to assist customer in roadside parking. The device is equipped with the latest sensing technology and connected to the cloud backend system to provide real-time parking space information. The drivers no longer have to spend a lot of time and fuel locating available parking space. As parking becomes simple, easy, and environment-friendly, this solution saves precious time for the car drivers while reducing CO2 emission.

IoT-enpowered Bicycles to Take the World

Microprogram also introduced IoT technology to bicycle industry. Microprogram has received Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award for collaborating with bicycle industrial leaders to develop smart sensors and cycling data platform. Following the recent global trend of E-Bike, Microprogram kicks off the R&D of E-Bike computer, E-Bike App and cycling data platform and with an estimated launch in Q4 2019. E-Bike providers will be able to equip their products with the smart bicycle meters and linked with E-Bike App and cycling data cloud to enhance the competitiveness of their products.

The trend of European bicycle market shows that sales of traditional bicycle declines while sales of E-Bike strengthens. Armed with bicycle industry know-how, Microprogram has started the development of E-Bike and associated APP long ago. From user research at the early stage to hardware and software integration and cycling data analysis, Microprogram has built up a whole E-Bike cycling data ecosystem for E-Bike manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, retailers, and end user, creating more added value for E-Bike.

Venturing into Global Market and Seeking Partnership to Create Sustainable Values Together

Microprogram was awarded the 24th National Award of Outstanding SMEs

Mocriprogram actively expands its global reach. Targeting at the business opportunity of Southeast Asia smart city, Microprogram participated India Smart City Expo and IoT Asia 2019 in Singapore and showcased its Smart Parking Solution and Smart Diagnosis Prediction System. Microprogram offers its IoT technology to India and Southeast Asian countries as best solution to support their rapid economic growth, including e-payment, wirelesss sensing, and
cloud data that were tested and verified in Taiwan and China. The products of Microprogram are well received by the international professionals and thus the excellent Taiwan brands are introduced to the world arena.

Because of its commitment to all industrial partners, Microprogram has gained the favor of globally renowned corporates, including Giant, Intel Capital, and Gamania.Not only did these companies inject capital investment into Microprogram, they also support Microprogram with technology investment, creating possibilities for more industrial collaboration. Through the partnership with these companies, Microprogram also gains international exposure, creates innovative business model for various industries, and generate mutual perpetual income and global competitiveness.