Microprogram participates "The Cycle Show" in UK , Showcasing the latest E-Bike data services

微程式參展英國「The Cycle Show」,展示最新E-Bike數據服務

Taiwan IoT bicycle leader Microprogram went to UK in September to participate in “The Cycle Show”, exhibiting its latest "Bikonnect E-Bike Data Service Solution" from their E-Bike Computer, Mobile Phone App, Store Management System and Cycling Data Platform. Microprogram’s solutions provide bicycle manufacturers with complete virtual and integrated data services, demonstrating the capabilities of Taiwan’s bicycle industry and bringing a new perspective to the global bicycle market.

Diving into the core of the bicycle market, surprising international buyers with one-stop digital services

Microprogram General Manager Tony Wu said that “The Cycle Show” is one of the most anticipated bicycle exhibitions in the world, and the largest bicycle event in the UK. In addition to exhibiting the latest electric bikes, bicycles and components, the exhibition also brings together international buyers and manufacturers. Microprogram selected the UK as their first exhibit not only because of the UK E-Bike market’s annual growth, but also because of the connection between the UK and other European countries. The UK can conveniently connect with key bicycle markets in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and other supply chains to establish the reputation of a high quality Made-in-Taiwan brand.

Microprogram E-Bike Department Manager Alan Hsiao pointed out the company recognizes the strong demand for bicycle IoT upgrades from years of cooperating with bicycle companies. The company has actively embraced the big data trend and positioned itself as the "Cycling Data Service Provider." After diving deep into the European market and conducting user research for six months, Microprogram finally launched the "Bikonnect" brand in June of this year, combining “Bike” and “connect” for “an infinite amount of bicycle connection possibilities.” With the "Connect Your Bike, Ride the Future" brand slogan, Bikonnect provides one-stop technology digitalization services such as the E-Bike Computer, E-Bike App, Store Management System, and Cycling Data Platform to achieve a win-win situation between cyclists, brands, component manufacturers and stores.

微程式提供「Bikonnect E-Bike 數據服務解決方案」,用科技為全球自行車市場帶來全新的視野。

Big data determines the direction of business decisions, and enhances industrial competitiveness

Manager Alan Hsiao further stated that the company has used this exhibition to actively interact with local brands and distributors. Microprogram has provided its Cycling Data Platform to help brands analyze users’ riding preferences, routes, time and other behaviors. Microprogram has also provided big data as references when deciding on product development and marketing promotion directions. The company provides precise services that correspond to customer needs and improve service satisfaction and customer demands, converting large amounts of information into valuable business decision statistics to predict the industry’s overall trends.

As bicycle exports decline annually, the E-Bike trend has been growing and is viewed as the next blue ocean market. The European Union’s “double-anti” tariffs on Chinese exported E-Bikes (anti-dumping and anti-subsidy) have actually led to the continued growth of Taiwanese E-Bikes. Microprogram has used successful experiences from YouBike to invest in software/hardware design & development, and a forward-looking business plan along with the technical energy of User Centered Design and Big Data to offer smart services such as an E-Bike computer, app, cycling data platform, Smart E-Lock, speed and cadence sensor, power meter, and an E-Bike maintenance and inspection system. These services mean that Microprogram is ready to establish its presence in the blue ocean market of E-Bikes.