MP-180Smart Access Card Reader Controller - Common Type

    • Flexibly use with multiple RFID modules (EM 125KHz / HID 125KHz / NFC 13.56MHz).
    • Supports the highly reliable EM125KHz and HID 125KHz cards.
    • Operates and controls the unit with a unique card serial number. Supports ISO14443 A/B, Mifare® and ISO15693 cards.
    • High security protection level prevents copy cards from sensing (optional).
    • Offline operation is possible.
    • Manages data transmission. Provides both RS485 and ethernet interfaces.
    • Bi-directional control of entry and exit is possible by extending to the second access controller via RS232/485.
    • White backlit, 128×64 LCD screen supports English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
    • 5 function keys, 12 number keys, backlit keyboard and 3 LED indicators.
    • Control up to 40,960 cards. Store 32,767 entries of access logs.
    • An SDK is included for quick development in response to a wide range of application scenarios.
    • Incorporates In-System Programming (ISP) firmware update functions for the management system to control the firmware update pushed to MP-180.

Smart Access Card Reader Controller-Common Type (MP-180) is an open, small and smart terminal control device that can communicate with the back-end host via standard ethernet. Application system developers can use the SDK to quickly respond to the requirements from different application scenarios in order to provide cost effective and versatile applications. No longer restricted by conventional proximity opening controls and attendance management of fixed patterns, the device can be integrated with external modules, such as wireless modules and biometrics, via the RS232 interface and can transform into an identification hub, expanding the unlimited possibilities of smart identification. 

The product has a simple and elegant design. It incorporates an RFID smart module and supports NFC / EM / HID / Mifare reader / fingerprint identification modules. Features of password, card identification, RFID encryption, anti-forgery and unduplicability are also included. This solves access problems completely.
For community applications, it can be used as the first line of defense of community and home protection with the applications of access and visitor management. For the commercial market, the attendance management function is added to satisfy the access and attendance management needs of corporations. Complete software development tools and APIs are also available for users to integrate the back-end management program and develop value-added services. It is the ideal partner for the software service industry and system integrators.

The Smart Access Card Reader Controller-Common Type proximity access controller supports the ethernet network, which enables it to manage settings in networking environments. This not only allows the administrator to control all communications in real time, but also access any attendance data to be included in the management of the information system for the purpose of synchronization of access, attendance and information systems.



  • Campus / company / community / residence -Identification and access management
  • Campus / company / community / residence - management and control of building space
  • Campus / company / community- management and toll collection of parking lots


Items Specifications
Philip ARM 72MHz,58K SRAM, 512K Flash Memory
Contactless PICC/PCD protocol
Operating Frequency:13.56MHz
ISO 14443A/B (T=CL)
ISO 15693
Mifare® standard protocol

Operating Frequency:125KHz

*High security protection level prevents copy cards from sensing (optional).
Data transfer Interface
RS232 ( Baud rate 9600 bps ~ 115200 bps)
Ethernet TCP/IP support POE
Human Machine Interface
one 128×64 dot-matrix LCD screen with white back-light
one programmable Buzzer
Three programmable LEDs (Red, Blue, Green)
one set of number keypad, one set of function keypad, one set of call button
an extensible Fingerprint Recognition System
DI*3, Relay*2, Drive RS232*1, External DI*3,DO*3
Power Supply
DC 12V / 800mA
Ingress Protection
Ambient condition
Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C
Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 70°C
Operating Relative Humidity : 5% ~ 95% RH non-condensing
186.0mm(Length) x 98.0mm(Width) x 39.0mm(Height)
Enclosure Material