UR1200ASmart Positioning Controller - Short Range Type

    • With the wireless communication and transmitting function of a Sub-1GHz frequency band, it can customize proprietary protocols and data encryption methods. Within a transmitting range of up to 100 meters, tag reception throughput can be increased, base stations can be extended in parallel, and the number of receiving tags can be doubled.
    • With the function of low frequency triggering at 125KHz, it has a fixed point positioning function with a precision level up to 10 cm within a coverage area up to a radius of 4 meters where the signal is penetrable. The coverage can be adjusted between 0 to 4 meters. The resolution has 64 segments.
    • It has an ethernet communication function to connect and combine with other devices in different environments. Data is transferred back to the back-end database via internet for big data analysis.
    • When tag equipment customized with the proprietary protocol is used, one-to-one communication can be established. One-to-N communication is done with the star network.
    • When used with multiple smart access base stations and multiple smart positioning activators, it can form a smart access control and sensor detection network in a small confined area.
    • The MQTT communication technology protocol is used to build IoT connections.
    • Complete MQTT API development documents are available for fast development and integration.

Smart Positioning Controller-Short Range Type (UR1200A) is a RFID communication-based indoor access gateway. In addition to access control and attendance functions, it also has the function of smart and precision area positioning. The wall mounted design allows for rapid installation to be used as for personnel and equipment monitoring and network access in a small, confined area. The device can also be used to set up a sensor detection network. 

For personnel and equipment access applications, the Smart Positioning Controller-Short Range Type supports custom protocols to improve operation efficiency and data security. It effectively increases the interaction between employees and customers. The positioning function helps corporations, hospitals, schools and factories to improve the efficiency of the interaction between personnel and equipment based on their precise positions. 

Complete software development tools and an API are also provided for users to integrate the back-end management program and develop service applications. It is the ideal partner for the software service industry and system integrators.



  • Access management
  • Personnel positioning (LBS) in corporate offices
  • Personnel safety control in industrial environments
  • Logistics tracking
  • Medical and health care
  • Asset management
  • Process control
  • Emergency calls


Items Specifications
Wireless Communication
Communication range up to 100 meter
Use active RFID UHF 925MHz Proprietary Wireless Protocols
Location tracking
Location range up to 4 meter
Use active RFID LF 125KHz
Data transfer Interface
Ethernet 10M/100M
Ambient condition
Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 70°C
Operating Relative Humidity : 5% ~ 95% RH non-condensing
Human Machine Interface
Four programmable LEDs (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green)
Power Supply
DC 12V / 1A
Ingress Protection
85.0mm(Length) x 128.0mm(Width) x 33.0mm(Height)
Enclosure Material