MS1811VRS Smart Vibration Sensor

    • MEMS type vibration sensor: 3-axes vibration sensing, compact and equipped with microcontroller unit (MCU)
    • Supports various types or transmission versions: Battery type (BLE)/powered type (BLE, USB) *The sampling frequency will be limited based on the transmission type
    • Real-time Bluetooth transmission sampling rate can reach up to 2048 Hz
    • Supports 10m small external sensors and can be extended to the critical points
    • Provides ISO 10816-3 computation and diagnosis for speed and displacement
    • Display of maximum acceleration, speed and displacement
    • The analysis software provides waveform comparison, STFT and power spectrum
    • Able to support 6-8 sensors and operate simultaneously (Computer Intel i5 eighth generation CPU)
    • Provides statistical feature calculation that can be saved to a file for generation of analysis reports.
    • All hardware/firmware/software are self-developed and can be customized according to customer needs
    • Learning algorithms can be imported into the sensors to analyze internally and output DI/O signal

The “VRS Smart Vibration Sensor” is used to detect vibration signals of equipment to further determine whether or not the equipment is abnormal. It includes a MEMS accelerometer combined with a microcontroller unit (MCU) and can be installed at any position by freely choosing between the wireless, wired and external types according to different needs; analysis algorithm can also be written into the sensors and be outputted through DI/O to be received by equipment controllers. It can be applied on the machines in manufacturing processes for industries of semiconductors and optoelectronics, such as the equipment that may have reduced yield or shutdown due to vibrations or produce abnormal vibrations due to malfunctions, including robot arms, motors, pumps, etc.


  • Robot arms, motors, pumps, cylinders and other components
  • Equipment with reduced yield or shutdown due to vibrations
  • Machinery with abnormal vibrations due to malfunctions


Items Specifications
Sampling Rate
Up to 16kHz
Data Transfer
USB 2.0-Full Speed / Bluetooth
Sensor Operating Temperature
-20°C ~ +85°C
Operating System
Windows 10
Fixed Way
Magnet / Stud Mounting / Paste
耐久表面材質 - 主板
Durable Surface Material – Main Board
Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
耐久表面材質 - 外接感測器
Durable Surface Material – External Sensor
316 stainless steel
1. BLE 1v1 display real-time visual feedback and can record data in a log file online system (Win10).
2. BLE 1v8 multi-sensor feature values monitoring.
3. Robot motion learning and monitoring.
4. Protocol for collecting raw data or features.