Microprogram’s “Water Quality Monitoring IoT Solution” began with the idea of “solving drinking water safety problems in the public sector”. It monitors water quality in real time via an IoT cloud system and big data records. This solution helps the management unit and users monitor water quality safety thoroughly.

In the past, water quality could only be determined by the written records attached to the water dispenser. However, regular filter replacement cannot guarantee water quality. Without affecting the water dispensers currently in use, Microprogram offers simple installation of sensors to all water dispenser suppliers in the market. It uses a cloud system to manage this equipment effectively and reduce maintenance costs. An IoT water quality platform with transparent information is used to monitor and track data, checking water quality throughout. It also solves leakage problems immediately to avoid wasting water.

The “Water Quality Inspector Dashboard” provides a visual display of data records. Three color ramps and 15 circles are used for better image identification. The Dashboard clearly displays the location of the equipment, monitors water consumption, and shows the ppm value before and after water purification. This information is analyzed and judged by the system. The management unit can check the water quality any time. Equipment management is performed based on the data gathered. The system sends an alert for exceptions or filter replacement automatically, significantly reducing labor and costs for maintenance and management. Users can use the phone to scan the QR code attached to the water dispenser to check the water quality immediately and ensure the safest drinking water quality.

Problems we solve

  • The disclosed water quality information of the traditional water dispenser was insufficient. With the solution we provide, users can get rid of this problem and enjoy the wonderful smart life.
  • The user does not need to install the app. They can use the phone to scan the QR code to check water quality and records of inspection, repair and maintenance.

Management unit
  • The visualized “Water Quality Inspector Dashboard” ensures real-time monitoring of water quality for convenient management and low cost.
  • The management unit can keep track of water quality data, filter status, equipment inspection and maintenance records.
  • Data is encrypted for information security.
  • Uses a RESTful API for easy serial connection of existing systems and structures. For instance, the system can be serially connected to LINE/Telegram to trigger emergency notices. The graphic interface is used to set the trigger conditions.

Maintenance supplier (water dispenser company)
  • Help to achieve product differentiation, build market competition thresholds, and become the pioneer of digital transformation.
  • Data is collected regularly for data analysis and strategic planning.
  • All kinds of criteria can be set easily. Real-time notice will be sent if any problem occurs.
  • The system is applicable to general water dispensers in the market for quick deployment.

Key advantages

  • Current equipment can be easily upgraded for smart service. There is no need to buy new equipment.
  • Communication authentication encrypted for security.
  • Digitalized document archive for big data analysis and future reference for planning and decision-making.
  • The best water quality monitoring IoT solution customized based on customer needs.
  • We have professional maintenance service teams all over Taiwan.

Target customers

  • Water dispenser company
  • Government agency
  • Schools
  • Medical institution
  • Companies
  • Agriculture and stock farming
  • Aquaculture and cold chain operator


  • Water dispensers for schools, hospitals, community and official administrative units
  • Water dispensers for office buildings, department stores and gyms
  • Water dispensers for the catering industry
  • Domestic water dispensers

Key features

Administrator-oriented design

  • Scan the QR code to bind the equipment and track the status of each water dispenser.
  • The administrator can customize data analysis criteria based on properties of different industries, and can control the equipment remotely.
  • The user can easily set their equipment’s trigger conditions and alerts.
  • The administrator can take pictures of the maintenance records for filing, management and retention.
  • The system automatically determines water quality without manual intervention.

Strict information security mechanism

  • Point-to-cloud encrypted security protection throughout the process
  • Login identification authentication
  • Privilege management settings

Comprehensive backend management system

  • Easy inquiry of equipment maintenance data and maintenance records.
  • All reports are available, with PDF export is provided.
  • The administrator can enter the backend management system from the web without downloading the app.
  • RESTful API is supported for easy serial connection of existing systems.

Water Quality Inspector Dashboard

  • Visual water quality monitoring records are provided for the management unit to check the condition of water dispenser, including water consumption, filter status, equipment inspection and maintenance data. It can also show the ppm value before and after water purification. Full report data is reserved for analysis and decision-making.

Water Quality Inspector Mobile Interface

  • The users can use their phones to scan the QR code to find water quality information immediately, check whether the water dispenser has passed the E. coli test, and whether maintenance has been performed. Therefore, the users can enjoy pure water quality.

Water Quality Inspector Mark

  • Each water dispenser connected to the IoT water quality platform is attached with the “Water Quality Inspector Mark”. By scanning the QR code on the mark to obtain corresponding information by different types of identities and to perform relevant settings.

    User: Scan to view the water quality safety resume, and check out the real-time water quality, maintenance and inspection information to ensure good water quality.
    Maintenance supplier: Scan the QR code to bind the water dispenser, connect the water dispenser to the cloud platform, and update repair and maintenance records online.
    Management unit: After the maintenance supplier uploads repair, cleaning and maintenance records, the management unit can track the records from the backend management system immediately.

Service Architecture