During the process of semiconductor and optical panel, we aim for high yield rates. The loss would be severe if the wafer is damaged or the machine shuts down because the machine is broken. Therefore, it would be helpful if we can predict the time that the machine would break down or increase the process yield and machine utilization. We monitor machine depreciation based on the vibration, current, moving speed and relative distance of the machine. We also monitor the particle, static electricity and temperature to increase the yield rate and machine utilization and reduce wafer damage.

Problems we solve

  • Our solution determines abnormal vibration of the machine and checks for abnormality in advance.
  • Our solution increases the process yield and machine utilization.

Key advantages

  • Instant online detection and wireless communication.
  • Sampling rate is 2048HZ.
  • Our solution can be used for vibration measurement of motor, pump, slide and robot.
  • Sensitivity 8,192 LSB/g

Target customers

  • Front-end and back-end semiconductor manufacturers
  • Optical manufacturers
  • Machines requiring precise vibration measurement


  • All machines that break down or have low yield rate of conductor due to vibration (robotic arm, slide, motor...etc.)
  • Semiconductor factory, photovoltaic power plant and other cranes, process machines.

Key features

Vibration Sensor

  • Our solution provides stand-alone and networking versions.
  • We provide wireless and wired connections. Our solution can be installed anywhere.
  • Our solution can use batteries or be plugged into the power socket. It can also be used in a vacuum chamber.
  • The collector is used for automatic monitoring. PC are RS232 communication available.
  • We developed firmware, software and hardware ourselves. Therefore, we can carry out customization based on customer needs.

Remote Backstage Control System

  • Our solution instantly records the vibration value.
  • Users can set the value scope to determine the alert.
  • Our solution replays the graph of the record.
  • Users can save the file as CSV.

Service Architecture