In recent years, the electronic ticket and mobile payment model has gradually become a payment method that is replacing cash. As the ticket e-payment system is applicable to a wide range of places, such as amusement parks, parking lots and exhibition halls, it is expected that the electronic ticket and charging system will be increasing introduced.

In addition to significantly reducing the time and labor cost, the smart e-ticket solution drastically increases the speed of park entry and exit just like the fastpass. As transparent transactions eliminate the complaints resulting from monetary conflicts and people don’t have to bring too much cash with them when going out, the most significant value of electronic payment can be realized.

Problems we solve

  • Faster parking lot entry.
  • Avoid charging amount errors.
  • Save labor costs and consumables, such as ticket paper.
  • Eliminate the problem of re-selling while raising the price.
  • Eliminate the concern of counterfeiting.

Key advantages

  • Diverse setting modes.
  • Remote system maintenance and operation.
  • Awarded the prestigious “Taiwan Excellence Award” in 2017.
  • Sensing operation can be done in 1 second. Standard e-invoices can be printed out.
  • The best design of hardware specifications in Taiwan. Dust and water proof.
  • Applicable to different fields, for example, parking lots, exhibitions and small donations.

Target customers

  • Event organizers of exhibitions and fairs
  • Amusement park operators
  • Organizers with the need to manage guest access
  • Count-based sports operators
  • Rental vehicle operators
  • Console operators


  • Ticket fare: amusement park, concert, party, swimming pool and art gallery
  • Membership management: gym, reading room, internet cafe and study center
  • Sports game: basketball and baseball games (the entry mode without the need of seat reservation)
  • Count-based sports venue: indoor basketball court, Go-Kart racing track and ice rink
  • Amusement event: large claw crane and lottery game
  • Fair control: large to small exhibition access and flow management

Key features

Diverse module setting modes

  • Time-based charging.
  • Period-based charging (fee is adjusted according to the period).
  • Count-based charging (pay with the entry ticket).
  • Monthly charging.
  • Payment can be deducted as selected in the simple menu based on different plans.

The remote back-end control system can be accessed via the web-based page anywhere

  • Administrator card and monthly card management.
  • Charging setting management.
  • Contracted merchant management.
  • Access log management.
  • System log inquiry.
  • Charging log inquiry.
  • Downloading of different reports is supported (results can be exported to an Excel file).

Receipt and e-invoice generation

  • Standard e-invoice can be printed out.
  • Redemption vouchers can be printed out.

Service Architecture