With the rapid development of technology, the cashless payment model has become the trend in recent years. Electronic ticket and mobile payment models have gradually become the development trend of the future. Also, as technology gets more mature, payment with electronic tickets will be more widespread. Based on the idea of “using technology to solve the problem of time wasted at the entry and exit of a parking lot, as well as payment”, Microprogram uses a one-piece, integrated design and a multi-e-payment model for site management. This not only accelerates the speed at which drivers enter and exit a parking lot, but also the labor and installation cost can be reduced for parking lot operators, creating a smart win-win parking payment solution.

The complete and easy to use back-end management system enables users to clearly control the operation of parking lots. For example, system rate adjustment and multifunction accounting inquiry. It also helps extend new business models. In recent years, our solution has been expanded to public and private parking lots nationwide. Over 100 sites all over Taiwan have introduced our services now. By working with stores in nearby shopping districts, we are able to provide complimentary parking hours to make the overall service smarter and offer parking lot operators and drivers the smartest and most convenient parking solution.

Problems we solve

For consumers
  • Save a lot of time by completing the entry / exit and payment process without leaving the vehicle.
  • Pay with electronic tickets cashlessly to avoid a situation where payment is not possible because you don’t have enough cash.
  • A license plate recognition system can be combined for faster and smoother entry and exit.
  • No longer need to worry about lost parking tokens and damage reparation.
  • The e-invoice linked account function is provided for a smart, environmentally friendly, and paperless environment.
  • The touch screen offers an easy to understand operating interface with no complex operation steps. It is also easy to operate for elders. This improves its overall convenience.

For parking lot operators
  • No more automatic payment machines and access token machines are required to save the setup cost.
  • Passed mainstream electronic tickets certifications, including EasyCard, iPASS, icash and HappyCash.
  • Can be used immediately after installation. The cost and required space for setup are low.
  • Eliminate the risks of counterfeit coins / banknotes and token loss / damage by switching to electronic ticket payment.
  • The gate can be opened and closed remotely with the web-based back-end system to realize unmanned operation and reduce labor cost.
  • The invoice rolls are expanded (dual printers). A remote web-based interface can remind users to replace the roll and provide information about the remaining rolls. This eliminates the labor cost of constant changing of rolls.
  • Easy and clear operation methods. The required space for setup is low.
  • Can be combined with a license plate recognition system for a faster and more convenient entry and exit mode.
  • Clear electronic accounting to avoid any human abuse.

Key advantages

  • Rich service experience of parking lot operation and equipment. Over 100 cooperating sites all over Taiwan.
  • The mainstream ticket payment and multi-metering module settings can be changed based on the requirement of different sites.
  • The sensing operation can be done in 1 second. Standard e-invoices can be printed out.
  • Comprehensive and electronic transaction information. The complete web-based back-end management system allows users to control the operation of parking spaces and extend new business models.
  • The touch screen can display QR codes in the future for users to pay with their phones. Third-party payment, credit card and other payment methods can be incorporated to improve user experience and make it more convenient.
  • Version 2.0 was awarded the prestigious “Taiwan Excellence Award” in 2017.

Target customers

  • General parking lot operators
  • Department store, outlet mall and larger mall operators
  • Public institutions, such as opera house and museum
  • Large hotel operators (with parking lot)
  • Zoo and amusement park operators


  • Major outdoor or chain parking lots
  • Private or indoor parking lots of restaurants and hotels
  • Indoor parking lots of department stores
  • Parking lots of national literary museums, art galleries and opera houses
  • Affiliated parking lots of amusement parks, forest parks and national parks

Key features

The best design of hardware specifications in Taiwan

  • The smart multi-e-payment device can be used immediately after installation. The movable mount component can be configured flexibly based on the scenario.
  • The compact size and simple design provides good dustproof, waterproof and weather resistance performance, which makes it possible to set up indoors and outdoors.
  • Year-round automatic management of contracted merchants. Merchants can provide offers, such as parking fees, time or discounts, for paying customers via NFC-compatible phones / POS machines. This gives the merchants more versatile marketing techniques.
  • A license plate recognition system can be combined for consumers to experience the fastest and most convenient accessing mode.
  • The e-invoice linked account function is available.
  • A standard e-invoice or receipt can be printed out.

The multi-metering module settings can handle various charging patterns of different parking lots

  • Time-based
  • Period-based (fee is adjusted according to the period)
  • Count-based (pay with the entry ticket)
  • Monthly group charging based on periods (to increase parking turnover)
  • Payment can be deducted as selected in the simple menu based on different plans
  • The metering mode is in compliance with government regulations concerning ticket and social welfare, such as ticket for disadvantaged groups and MRT transfer discount

The complete back-end management system provides functions for users to log in to the back end remotely via the web-based page anywhere, anytime

  • Administrator card and monthly card management
  • Remote gate open and close management
  • Charging setting management
  • Contracted merchant management
  • Access log management
  • System log inquiry
  • Charging log inquiry
  • Downloading of different reports is supported. Results can be exported to an Excel file

Service Architecture