Many online and offline brand enterprises hope to analyze user’s consumption trajectory to find their features and behavior models, then further categorize and give them meanings. Not only does this help divide the market, but it also helps the formulation for marketing strategies. Microprogram provides a set of space-time series data (trajectory records triggered by users, including time and location) label construction service tools based on this specifically for the grouping and segmentation services that brand customers need. De-identified ID and time-space data triggered in the past are processed professionally, labeled and assigned weight, then qualitative research teams will use this data to summarize user profiles and personas. From the business application perspective, not only can this help brand customers locate target customer groups faster, but customer group labels can be further segmented to broadcast related product advertisements and activity plans to similar groups, achieving the business goal of precision marketing.


Problems we solve

  • Improve distribution, utilization and conversion efficiency
  • Help brand customers quickly analyze insights on user cognition
  • In-depth development of high-value users and strengthened member adhesion

Key advantages

  • Customize dedicated labeling system according to the needs of different brand customers
  • Provide brand customers with detailed weight analysis descriptions for the various label categories
  • Combine qualitative research to shape label user personas

Be our partners

  • Financial services: Banking industry and insurance industry
  • Department store retailing: Boutique industry and apparel industry
  • Catering and tourism: Restaurants and travel agencies
  • Other types of brand industries…
Target customers
space-time series data
user profiles


  • Advertising: Provide customer groups with the product information they need precisely, breaking away from past “net-casting” message bombings
  • A/B testing of new products: Use data to drive the filtering of potential users to perform pre-tests on products as the benchmark for mass production and launch evaluation
  • Depicting user profiles: Group according to space-time data context and use label weights to reflect the current user profile of customer groups

Key features

Data analysis x user label summary

  • Use time-space data to collect the habits and behaviors of target customer groups, and mark them with advanced data labels to allow brand customers to know potential VIP users better
  • Use qualitative research to summarize complete personas for the various labels, and provide them to brand customers to perform remarketing to customer groups

Secure data transmission verification

  • Set complete encryption rules and verification mechanisms to guarantee the compliance and correctness of all information, and prevent messages from being intercepted or forged
  • All data labels pass through the tools provided by Microprogram, and de-identification is performed with user authorization; actual ID data will not be connected, intervened or stored

Extended application service plans

  • Tailor-made diverse activity designs, agglomerate regular customers and identify VIP fans
  • Create topical exclusive events, use game settings to create a business ecosystem for brands and users
  • Push exclusive preferential messages at the right place and time for precision marketing to enhance the benefits of conversion and to increase transaction rate

Service Architecture