MP160Smart Access Card Reader Controller - Simple Type

    • Operate and control with a unique card serial number. Supports ISO14443 A/B and Mifare® cards.
    • Manage data transmissions. Provides an RS485 interface.
    • White backlit, 122x32 LCD screen.
    • Supports English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
    • Controls up to 40,960 cards. Stores 32,767 entries of access logs.
    • Anti-tampering magnetic sensor switch. An alarm and log are generated when triggered and the status data will be sent to the management side.
    • 128 anti-coercion functions with 2 anti-coercion passwords per group.
    • Different door opening passwords can be set for each card.
    • Online realtime status monitoring.
    • Remote opening of doors, activation of security systems, and controller reset are possible.
    • 256 door opening passwords can be set.
    • The management side and card reader's protocols uses the high security international communication standard 3DES for encryption and protection.
    • Incorporates In-System Programming (ISP) firmware update functions for the management side to control the firmware update pushed to MP160.

Smart Access Card Reader Controller-Simple Type (MP160) is developed based on NFC. It has a simple and elegant design. It is integrated with an RFID smart module and has the features of password, card identification, RFID encryption, anti-forgery and unduplicability. This solves access problems completely. 

The Smart Access Card Reader Controller-Simple Type has a white backlit LCD screen of 122x32 pixels. It supports English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese. In addition to the basic access, attendance and identification functions, it also can be used for contactless card for member management. The device incorporates multiple development features and parameters for development based on the requirements of the location. The applications include large campuses, industrial parks, healthcare parks, and logistics parks. 

Complete software development tools and an API are available for users to integrate the back-end management program and develop value-added services, including remote opening of doors and activation of security systems. It is the ideal partner for the software service industry and system integrators.



  • Campus / company / community / residence -Identification and access management
  • Campus / company / community / residence - management and control of building space
  • Campus / company / community- management and toll collection of parking lots


Items Specifications
Contactless PICC/PCD protocol
Operating Frequency:13.56MHz
ISO 14443A/B (T=CL)
ISO 15693
Mifare® standard protocol
Data transfer Interface
Human Machine Interface
one 122×32 dot-matrix LCD screen with white back-light
one programmable Buzzer
one programmable Bi-color LED2 (Red/Green)
16 Key (F1-F4, 0-9, CE, ENT)
Power Supply
DC 12V / 400mA (max.)
Charging method
Micro USB DC5V (allow 2 hours for charging)
Ambient condition
Operating Temperature : 0°C ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 70°C
Operating Relative Humidity : 20% ~ 80% RH non-condensing
Ingress Protection
140mm(Length) x 66mm(Width) x 27mm(Height)
Enclosure Material