MP1810CSmart Parking Sensor

    • Multiple parking statuses (perpendicular, parallel, and angled parking) can be handle
    • A setting tool for the mobile app engineering mode is provided for Bluetooth to optimize parking spaces
    • Available parking spaces can be displayed on a map
    • Parking time can be calculated automatically
    • Dust and water resistant (IP68)
    • Heavy load resistant (16 kgf)
    • Standardized underground construction method compatible with government units

Smart Parking Sensor (MP1810C) is a smart parking sensor module based on smart parking sensor. It can determine different scenarios by evaluating the detected geomagnetic variation. In consideration of different environmental interference, space size, space arrangements, and underground construction requirements due to various parking space sensor installation sites, the integrated sensor algorithm takes account of multiple factors to generate parameter settings based on the location in order to optimize the accuracy of the algorithm.
The Smart Parking Sensor also integrates the BLE communication function that can be used with the mobile app tool to make adjustments to sensor settings, including environment zero calibration, sensor firmware version updates, and sensor operation mode switching on site where the vehicle vacancy sensor is set up. This enables testing and verification to be done quickly to optimize sensor performance.

In addition to the high accuracy sensor technology for vehicle determination, the methods of data transmission are different according to your region and county. That’s why the Smart Parking Sensor  is able to handle multiple data transmission methods flexibly. As the power consumption of the module is low, the operating time of the sensor can be extended.



  • Normal roads: vehicle parking detection of roadside parking spaces 
  • Parking lots: vehicle access detection for the entry and exit gates of the parking lot


Items Specifications
Wireless Communication
Power Supply
ER Battery 7.2V (3.6V*2 pcs)
Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery
Battery Life:3 Years (Depending on configuration)
Ambient condition
Operating Temperature : -20°C ~ 70°C
Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 70°C
Operating Relative Humidity : 5% ~ 95% RH non-condensing
Underground pre-installment
(SOP of embedding method can be provided)
Ingress Protection
Function Unit:Φ170 x 128mm
Quick release housing:Φ155 x 110mm
Function Unit:1.2kg