MS2007CAutomatic Pay Station (LPR)

    • Integrated the industry’s most accurate license plate recognition system with a recognition rate of over 99.5%
    • Diverse payment methods: Support cash ($100, $50, $10, $5), e-tickets (EasyCard, iPASS, icash), LINE Pay, JKOPay, Easy Wallet, etc. It’s able to satisfy most electronic payment needs.
    • Parking lot management system: Backstage maintenance and operating services with complete architectures; the multi-function backstage management system provides operations with customized billing settings, monthly vehicle rental function settings and account query services, allowing operators to clearly control the operation of the field and enable them to expand more business models
    • 18.5-inch vertical touch screen with clear and easy to understand interfaces, making it easy for users to operate
    • Dual printers with quick and simple paper roll replacement processes
    • In addition to providing paper receipts and the inputting of tax ID number and ticket carriers, the support for donating receipts and the use of mobile phone carriers are also added for carrier consolidation

Automatic Pay Station (LPR) is a diverse payment equipment with an 18.5-inch LCD touch screen. It can mainly be applied at parking lot fields and is used with an accurate license plate recognition system to create quick and convenient smart parking e-payment solution. The built-in Linux OS can also be used in different situations and customized development is possible based on business owners’ requirements. The system developers can make adjustments based on their own requirements and complete all hardware controls simply by calling the application interface in the process.

In addition to being used for license plate recognition, access and toll management at parking lots, Automatic Pay Station (LPR)’s feature of diverse payment modes can also be integrated and applied for different types of industry, for example: Fee payment machine at exhibitions, fee payment machine at amusement parks, electronic donation model, automatic toll control system, roadside parking toll management and ticket query machine, etc. 



  • Transportation
  • Parking and toll collection management
  • Toll management for parks and exhibitions
  • Amusement park ticket applications


Items Specifications
System Environment
OS: Linux Embedded System
Web server: Apache HTTP Server
Development Tool
Embedded system:C
Web service:PHP + HTML
User interface:Firefox + Vue.js
Communication protocol:WebSocket
Host of Parking Lot
CPU: Intel Core-i3 8100
Storage: 64GB SSD/16GB USB
Ethernet 10/100/1000MHz
USB 3.0
GP I/O module
Stereo Audio Interface
Contact SAM Card
Certified (hardware/antenna/trading system) by:
EasyCard, iPASS, icash
Human Machine Interface
18.5" touch screen (resolution 1366x768)
Speaker *2
Programmable full color LED *4
Power Supply
AC 110~240V
Ambient Condition
Operating temperature : -20°C ~ 80°C
Storage temperature : -40°C ~ 85°C
Operating relative humidity : 5% ~ 95% RH non-condensing
H160cm x W50cm x D45.6cm
Enclosure Material
SPCC + fluorocarbon coating
Ingress Protection
Other Related Software
E-ticket accounting system