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Master the drive to transform the industry with IoT technology

Master the drive to transform the industry with technology

Microprogram is an ICT Design House that possesses the capability to integrate technologies across various industries. From industry needs analysis, service design, and solution planning to hardware and software design and development, Microprogram Information provides vertically integrated services to assist industries such as transportation, finance, retail, semiconductor manufacturing, and bicycle innovation and upgrading with smart technology. Currently, it focuses on three core areas: "Smart Payment", "Smart Bike" and "Smart Manufacturing" IoT innovative upgrading services. Positioned as a "long-term investment partner in industrial technology services," Microprogram Information offers digitalization solutions for various industries domestically and internationally, making it the ideal partner for industrial transformation and upgrading.

From bicycles and MRT to industry 4.0, our services are ubiquitous

From bicycles and MRT to industry 4.0, our services are ubiquitous

No matter whether it’s taking public transport systems with electronic tickets, taking a cruise in the city on a rented public bicycle, shopping at a mall, introducing the IoT technology to the manufacturing industry or industrial automation, the convenient services from Microprogram are everywhere to be seen in our lives. We also cooperate with electronic ticket, third-party payment and financial institutions to actively tap the diverse payment market, driving the services of different industries to achieve a more comprehensive, convenient, and smart life of technology.

Develop long-term relationships with partners and get an insight into the core know-how of the industry

Develop long-term relationships with partners and get an insight into the core know-how of the industry

With over twenty years of R&D experience, Microprogram is one of the few technical vendors in Taiwan capable of cross-industry technical integration. We are also involved in the service transformation of many industrial partners. Our fields of cooperation include transportation, everyday living, and industry. Regarding transportation, it includes electronic tickets for public bicycles, taxis, buses, MRT and railways as well as roadside parking and smart parking areas. Regarding everyday living, it covers smart bicycle riding services, vending machines, e-payment at malls, smart keyless e-locks and smart e-tickets. Regarding industry, it involves the confined space application of the petrochemical industry and the smart diagnosis and prediction of the semiconductor industry. We are committed to developing a close partnership with our partners to gain an insight into the core technical know-how and create sustainable values for the industries together.

Embrace technology with passion and try to add one more nice thing to life

Embrace technology with passion and try to add one more nice thing to life

Microprogram is the favored partner of renowned international enterprises, such as Giant and ADATA, as a result of our devotion to our industrial partners. They have established a good strategic investment relationship with us and support our role as their technical investment. This allows our industrial cooperation to create more possibilities and makes Microprogram an international player, which in turn makes it possible for us to create an innovative business model in the industry, earn sustainable profits together with partners and build global competitiveness.


Sherman COO

Sherman Yeh


It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

He is in charge of market operation and the communication and coordination between business units. By leveraging his expertise on and experience in R&D, as well as his character of logical and comprehensive thinking style, he is able to maximize the “operational” performance for all industries. He focuses on every little detail of team operation and execution/planning and plays the key role of R&D and operation coordination.

Tony CEO

Tony Wu


Persist in innovation and embrace changes

Founder of Microprogram. He is responsible for making decisions on the company's future direction in order to lead the company forward, accept challenges bravely, and always think a step ahead of our customers. The characteristic of innovative thinking makes him the best spokesperson for Microprogram. He always invests his enthusiasm in searching for the gaps in the industry, promoting large joint development projects, including multi-e-ticket and YouBike public bicycles, and providing turnkey solutions for overseas. With over 20 years of experience as his advantage, he cooperates with different industries in their technical upgrade and transformation, leading to the promotion of their industrial values.


Luke Xue


Be the best, not just better

He plays the main role of the decision maker for our software technology development and participates in the development of the company’s key system technology. He is still fond of program coding. He likes to fight alongside partners to redefine technical works again and again to give new values to products and services. His biggest expectation is to change the world with codes. He has always been proud of being an engineer engaged in technical research.



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