From 0 to 1 and to ∞, we can realize your idea with technology!

From requirement definition, idea inception, product development and service optimization, we leverage our advantages of software and hardware integration technology and industrial know-how and provide you with professional counseling. Together, we can experience the wonder and amazement brought forth by “realization”.



Clearly assess and define your and users’ actual requirements.

  • Requirement analysis

    Preliminary requirement inquiry and exploration will be done to help you define your and users’ requirements.

  • Industry research

    By assisting in industry research and market segmentation, we can understand the future trend and development of the industry.

  • User insight

    By leveraging the logic and research methods of design thinking, we can understand user behavior and requirements to provide optimized service experience.



Tailor products or services to your requirements.

  • Business model design

    Create a strategic business model with values by taking account of the participation opportunities for different roles, which will be beneficial to revenue growth.

  • Idea proposal

    Discuss and communicate with you to propose business development opportunities and devise development plans.



Focus on logical and systematic development to create the most perfect products and services for you.

  • Software development

    Focus on solving user's pain points and elevate service experiences through user research. Show our brand value by adapting CIS as our visual design patterns, also, software development conforms to RESTful API.

  • Hardware design

    From function specification development, product development planning (PLAN), engineering verification (EVT), design verification (DVT) to pilot runs in production verification (PVT) and mass production, we can help you create and develop your products systematically.

  • System integration

    The IoT technology and your products/services can be combined by leveraging the technical integration of software and hardware as well as the agile communication advantage of the operation team in order to best present your products.



The quality of your services is constantly monitored and maintained. Smart technologies are also used to perform further overall optimization and data prediction.

  • Service launch

    Assist in testing of your products to be launched successfully.

  • System optimization

    We are certified by the information security management standard ISO27001. With a high standard internet security defense in depth mechanism and system troubleshooting support, we provide real-time alerting and early warning monitoring service 24/7.

  • Data analysis

    Use AI to assist in data science research, user data tracking and business forecasting. Support your business decisions with data visualization and accelerate the change of product generation to optimize operation and improve overall user experience.



Connect online and offline consumption models to maximize business value, leading you to embrace the new digital marketing era.

  • User precision marketing

    Quickly lock on to customer groups, establish label segmentation, and match user preferences for precision marketing.

  • Beacon application service

    Collect traffic flow and introduce data insights to satisfy your marketing field needs.

  • Attracting customers with LINE official account

    Cross-system real-time notification, gamified creative interactions, enhance brand exposure and exponential spreading of benefits.


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