Remember 1995?

Mobile phones you could make calls with, but barely text on?
Laptops that weighed in excess of 7 pounds, and an internet connection that needed to be dialed up, with no fiber optic connections to your home?
No Google, no Facebook. A time when Amazon only sold books…

The world has certainly come a long way in terms of innovation and technologies since then.

Today, in over just a few decades, sci-fi has become more than just imagination. Public bike sharing systems have allowed people to enjoy cycling with ease, eliminating the need for personally owned bicycles. On a larger scale, our society is rapidly turning cashless. With a simple card in hand, it has become easier to accomplish a plethora of daily tasks. From using public transport like buses and trains to paying for public utilities like vending machines and parking lots, the convenience is evident. Life is smarter in every way.

Microprogram solutions have played a critical and integral part in the progress and development of our world since we started in 1995, over 20 years ago.

To be honest, we don’t know where all this will end, or if it ever will.
What we do know for sure is that we will never stop listening to our clients' need, never stop observing how user and business trends evolve, and never
stop dreaming about success with our partners old and new.

You may not remember how far we have come since 1995. And that’s ok. What really matters is whether you are ready for the decade ahead.

Making it better. Together.