First Family Day at Microprogram!


Microprogram’s first Family Day uses ‘Picnic’ as its theme,
where everyone can sit or lie on the ground, play with their pet dogs.
With good food and music,
we’ll have a fun and enjoyable day at the Taichung Metropolitan Park!



Microprogram considers itself as the partner for technology industry.
We also value the creation of our internal culture.
At the Microprogram Family Day,
our general manager Tony sat with other employees
and shared their company stories and trivial things in their private lives with each other
regardless of department and level.

Everyone shared their food with one another
and built friendships by playing group games.
Their family members also have a deeper understanding about Microprogram because of this close interaction.
The Family Day started at 10 o’clock, though
people showed up at the registration area at around 9 o’clock.


Our marketing team set up a picnic area for others to take a picture!



General manager Wu took a selfie to record the wonderful moment.


Another important highlight of the Family Day is the MP Star award ceremony!
MP Star aims to commend those who best represent our organizational culture and spirit - “Excellent Innovation, Commitment Focus and Diligent Loyalty”.
The award selects the MP Star who meets the requirements of MP spirit, or who has done actual deeds in terms of special public welfare, helping others or talents.
The MP Star event is held biannually where 3 MP Stars will be determined by voting. In the year-end banquet / spring banquet, we also selected the winner for the annual MP award by voting. 
For the award of the first half 2017, the 3 MP Stars with the highest votes are Wu Wenyan, Wei Shengjia and Weng Jofei.

The first winner was Wu Wenyan.
He served at the engineering service department. He is a diligent and loyal award winner who conforms to the MP Star spirit.
His actual deeds include working hard and helping others kindly. He is a representative of the best MP speaker.

MP star頒獎  Wu Wenyan

The second winner is Wei Shengjia.
He serves at the hardware  development department. In addition to his job, he also serves as a member of the Employee Benefits Committee.
He fights for your benefits and lives up to your expectations. He is truly a representative of the best MP legislator.

MP star頒獎 Wei Shengjia

The third winner is Weng Jofei.
She serves at the smart identification department. She is a cheerful person and eager to help others.
She often provides you with ointments and actively cares for novice parents. She is a representative of the best MP village chief.

MP star頒獎 Weng Jofei

Congratulations to the three winners.
Thank you for your contribution to Microprogram! Because of your kind heart, Microprogram can become a big family of love!


After the award ceremony, the next climax of the Family Day - Group Game is here!
The first group game is equation solving.
In this game, approximately 6 to 10 participants form a circle by holding hands
and try to untie the entangled hands
by wisdom and teamwork.


All kinds of difficult and hilarious things can be seen
when they try their best to untangle their hands.


Congratulations to the untied team. They win a small gift from the organizer.



The next group game is the three-legged race.
This is also the time for both players to have tacit understanding!
Everyone sprints forward and try to beat others to the finish line!





After the exciting group games, it’s lunchtime!
Today’s lunch is a sushi box!





Iced sweets are provided as afternoon tea additionally to keep cool in the summer heat.


During the afternoon leisure time,
our MP Chang Chenyueh entertained everyone with his songs.


Let the pro cut the watermelon!



A group picture for the hard-working staff!
Good work, everyone! Thank you for your enthusiastic support!


Microprogram's 2017 Family Day comes to an end at last.
We look forward to this day next year! What game will we play then?