Microprogram Launches e-Bike data service solution

新品發表會由工業局智慧城鄉計畫代表資策會蔡瑞塘 主任(中)、微程式吳騰彥總經理(左二)薛共和技術長(左一)、葉耀聲營運長(右二)、蕭順旺資深經理(右一)一起啟動新品上市
•    From left: Microprogram CTO, Luke Hsueh; Microprogram CEO, Tony Wu; Tsai Jui-tang, Project Manager at the Industrial Development Bureau Universal Smart Rural-Urban Living Application Program Office; Microprogram COO, Sherman Yeh and Microprogram Senior Manager, Alan Hsiao launch Microprogram's "e-bike data service."

Microprogram Information Co. Ltd.—a leading bicycle Internet of Things company—recently held the "Bikonnect e-Bike Data Service Solution Event," at which it introduced a series of smart e-bike onboard devices, digital services and cycling data platform. The Event featured the newest cycle it is providing the most advanced computer for e-bikes, e-bike app,    e-bike data service solutions for store management system and the bicycle industry.

Endless possibilities of Bikonnect

According to Microprogram CEO, Tony Wu, the name of the company's leading product is "Bikonnect," which combines the words "Bike" and "Connect," and implies the boundless possibilities of bicycle connectivity. In keep¬ing with its brand slogan of "Connect your bike, ride your future," Microprogram is pio¬neering the integration of e-bike computer, e-bike app, store management system and cycling data platform, and its one-stop digital services ensure holistic virtual-physical linkage between smart devices. As a result, Microprogram can pro¬vide win-win-win solutions for cyclists, bike brands, part and component vendors, and bike sellers.

An one-stop service linkage platform

The Bikonnect e-bike ser-vice solution includes four key services:

1. E-Bike Computer: Can dis¬play cycling data including real-time speed, battery status, ODO and assist mode; cycling data from the computer can also be transmitted instantly to a cloud platform via an app.
2.    Microprogram's e-Bike App is linked with the e-bike computer and offers advanced functions including my bike management, cycling data record, e-bike system diagnosis, and update device firmware with Bluetooth. This app can be used to prearrange bicycle maintenance times, query a bicycle's service history, and its intelligent functions include route navigation, estimation of remaining battery mileage, and social media sharing. The app is able to fully satisfy cyclists' need for cycling information before, during, and after a ride.
3.    Store Management System: Provides thoughtful services including online reservation of maintenance time, digital maintenance history, while enabling dealers to maintain long-term relationships with cyclists, enhancing dealers' after-sales service quality and customer satisfaction.
4. Cycling Data Platform: Provides bicycle brand sellers and dealers with simple, easy-to¬use member cycling data analysis, and relies on the digital services to link cyclists, shops and brand vendors. This platform can help bicycle-related businesses to track cyclists' riding trends in realtime, use data to track after-sales service results and provide big data as a reference for innovative R&D and design. This ensures that data-driven business decisions yield even greater value, and facilitates monitoring of the industry's development trends.

Data-driven services are the key to the future

Global e-bike production numbers have reached another all-time high, and Taiwan's e-bike exports have excelled. Looking ahead, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data have become the key to creating even greater value and can break through the supply chain and market status quo. Microprogram has long provided technical services to the bicycle industry, and its current line of e-bike computer, e-bike app, store management system, and cycling data platform efficiently resolve bicycle-related businesses' hardware and software system virtual-physical integration issues. Microprogram is also ready to satisfy cyclists' smart cycling expectations and hopes that its recent presentation meeting will give "intelligence" entirely new appeal for the cycle industry. Microprogram looks forward to sharing a win-win outcome with the bicycle industry and continu¬ing to be a global bicycle IoT service provider.

About Microprogram Information

Founded in 1995, Microprogram Information provides IoT technical services, which encompass the three fields of electronic payments, wireless sensing, and cloud data.Microprogram relies on user research, terminal sensors, mobile apps, cloud platforms, and big data analysis, along with a firm command of key IoT technologies to help businesses in the areas of transportation, finance, retailing and manufacturing to innovate and upgrade themselves. Microprogram provides transportation passes for YouBike, buses, metro systems, and railways offer electronic payment systems for Coca-Cola/Uni-President vending machines and parking facilities and have enabled Easy Card payments for the Taiwan taxi service. The company offers precise business models and market strategies for hardware and software technologies and is working with industry partners to jointly achieve sustainable competitiveness.

Going all out with team sponsorship

CEO, Tony Wu pointed out that when Microprogram—a technical service company—first entered the bicycle industry, in order to understand cyclists' real needs, professional knowledge and passion for exploration, apart from establishing an internal cycling club, it also embarked on team sponsorship. This resulted in the well-known "Microprogram Circus Cycling Team." Now in its 5th year, although the Microprogram Team is basically an amateur club, its closeness to everyday life ensures that the cyclists' feedback and ideas can be applied to the consumer market, and provide an excellent basis for future products.

Microprogram Launches eBike data service Solution

Microprogram Launches eBike data service Solution