Microprogram Sends Love in Winter; Helps 100 Disadvantaged Children Realize Christmas Dreams

▲ CEO Tony Wu specially called on the staff in the north, south and central regions to play Santa Claus together

Pencil boxes, dodgeballs, rulers and other stationery items are children's simple Christmas wishes. However, many children have no chance to receive Christmas gifts because of their family’s economic conditions and other factors. This Christmas, Microprogram and the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families – Northern Taichung Center jointly organized the event of "Be My Santa Claus - Microprogram, Making It Meaningful Together" to fulfil 100 Christmas wishes of disadvantaged children in the central region and invited the staff to fulfill their dreams together. The children also wrote cards to thank the staff for their love. The warm interaction makes this year's Christmas more meaningful.

The Staff Responds to the Event enthusiastically, Fulfills 100 Wishes in a Matter of Seconds

For the first time, Microprogram cooperated with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families this year. CEO Tony Wu specially called on the staff in the north, south and central regions to play Santa Claus together; they responded enthusiastically to the event as soon as the announcement was made, and claimed the 100 Christmas wishes in just a few hours. Some of the staff said that a 9-year-old boy loved to draw and hoped to receive a color pen; one of a child also hoped to have a basketball to continue to practice basketball and realize his dream of becoming a basketball player. Through this event, it was found that their wishes were so simple and pure. Everyone thought that such an event was very meaningful and some staff even threw in extra gifts. Finally, nearly 200 Christmas gifts were collected to make more children feel the kindness and warmth of society.

Microprogram Devoted to Environmental Protection and Public Welfare; Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility

Microprogram is approaching its 25th anniversary this year and has spared no efforts in corporate social responsibility (CSR). In recent years, it is also devoted to green energy environmental protection, social welfare, startups support and employee welfare. Tony Wu said, "Disadvantaged children include children from poor families and abused families and children with special needs. Their environment for growth is more difficult than that of children from ordinary families and something as simple as an eraser could be their little Christmas wish. It is hoped that through the love of the company's employees, children may feel the warmth and beauty of society, build up their confidence and courage and bravely pursue a more colorful life."

In the future, Microprogram will continue to be devoted to social care and make its corporate slogan "Making it better. Together. “Not only applicable to industrial cooperation, but also in cooperation with public welfare units to achieve more meaningful and good things.