Microprogram Creates the First-ever Smart Robot Blade/Fork to Precisely Detect Anomalies in Semiconductor Equipment

Microprogram and its industry partner, Winifred, participated in SEMICON Taiwan this year, exhibiting Smart Robot Blade/Fork and Smart Vibration Monitoring solutions. Among them, Smart Robot Blade/Fork is an exclusive product designed and patented by Microprogram and its partners. After its debut at last year's show, it immediately attracted active inquiries from industry players. The "Ultra-thin Production Line Detector" which is only 3mm thick, will also be exhibited for the first time at this year's SEMICON. Given that it can access more of the process machinery and does not require disassembly for measurement, it is anticipated to become another new product of interest in the market.

Microprogram Creates the First-ever Smart Robot Blade/Fork to Precisely Detect Anomalies in Semiconductor Equipment

Enhancing semiconductor process yields with smart vibration monitoring technology
In the field of wireless sensing technology, Microprogram has more than 27 years of experience. Its "Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution," which it self-developed, is primarily used in high-tech industries like semiconductor and FPD factories to help with vibration detection of production equipment (robotic arm, slide, motor, etc.), to identify machine abnormalities in real time and to increase the process yield and machine utilization. It has currently been used practically in chamber detection, robot blade scratching detection, machine vibration isolation testing, etc. Additionally, Smart Robot Blade/Fork is the first to embed the sensor into the robot blade, allowing for more sensitive vibration data detection due to the sensor's close proximity to the wafer. It supports lengthy continuous measurement in addition to being able to measure immediately on the production line, which is appropriate for different blade materials such as vacuum/negative pressure and ceramic types.

New arrival! 3mm "Ultra-thin Production Line Detector"
The most eye-catching new product from Microprogram, the "Ultra-thin Production Line Detector," which uses a wireless design and is used to detect abnormal interference or the jumping of external force in the automatic production line, will also be on display during the three-day (9/14-9/16) SEMICON exhibition. The 3mm thin profile makes it easier to penetrate manufacturing processes, reflect sensing values in real time and cut down on labor costs and times for equipment maintenance. In addition to automated manufacturing process equipment, it can also be used for wafer or FPD transport or for robotic arm loading.

To gain a competitive edge, foster collaboration in the semiconductor industry
Microprogram’s CEO Tony Wu says Taiwan's core competitiveness lies in the semiconductor sector, which is also the market that Microprogram has been aggressively expanding in recent years. The long-term outlook for chips is still positive and optimistic, despite the current pressure of inventory correction brought on by the waning of the epidemic. In the future, Microprogram will continue to work closely with its customers in an effort to leverage its cross-industry practical experience and IoT technology capabilities to promote the competitive advantage of Taiwan's semiconductor industry.

【About Microprogram】
Microprogram Information Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, offering the technical services of industrial IoT. It focuses on the three major fields of e-payment, wireless sensing, and cloud data. Based on the core technologies of user research, software and hardware technology integration, edge sensing devices, App, cloud service platforms and big data analysis, it has committed to becoming industrial technology service partner and helped different industries, including transportation, manufacturing, finance, retail, and bicycles, to innovate and upgrade themselves. Microprogram looks forward to connecting partners and co-creating value through AIoT, helping the industry turn over a new leaf.