MS2014SBOxygen Detector

    • Adopted the fluorescent oxygen principle to make its usage life longer
    • Sensor can be extended up to 10 meters to increase measurement distance
    • The host and sensor use wireless connections for convenient installation
    • Includes built-in relay to output signals (A/B type contacts) for immediate control
    • Accuracy ±0.5 vol%

“Oxygen Detector” is mainly used to detect the ratio of oxygen content in the ambient air. The oxygen content of the atmosphere is 20~21%; if it is less than 18%, the human body will start having symptoms of hypoxia. Therefore, in dangerous locations such as places with limited space or lack of oxygen, the oxygen content in the air of such spaces needs to be determined in order to prevent dangers from occurring after personnel enter. This product has 0~25% oxygen content detection function; users can set the upper and lower warning limits according to their needs and respectively set the oxygen concentration % for alarm sounds, light signals and relay outputs, etc. It is also equipped with a large text display that is clear and easy to read, has a buzzer, light signal warning and Digital Output functions.


  • Indoor equipment or plants, including semiconductor plants, optoelectronics panel plants and food plants
  • Areas with risks of confined space hazards
  • Other indoor locations with danger of hypoxia


Items Specifications
Sensing Principle Fluorescent oxygen
Type of Gas Detected O2
Detection Range 0 ~ 25.0 vol%
Working Pressure Range 500 ~ 1200mbar
Operation Temperature Range -20℃~+60℃
Operation Humidity Range 0-99% RH
Oxygen Detection Response Time T90 < 30 s
Output Drift <0.1%/month
Resolution 0.1 vol%
Accuracy ±0.5 vol%
Human Machine Interface Buzzer
Indicator LED(Red、Green)
Backlit text display (LCM)
Output Relay (form A/B contact)
Enclosure Material Paint galvanized plate
Extendable Distance of the Sensor <10 M
Dimensions 135 mm(Length) x 94 mm(Width) x 32 mm(Height)
Weight 530 g (wire excluded)
Power 24VIN ±10%
Maximum Power Consumption 24V, 5 W (approximate)
Calibration Low: 10.0% (Mixture of Gases - O2/N2)
High: 20.9% (Synthetic air - Zero Air)