The technology around the world is advancing at a rapid pace. Therefore, corporations pursue for higher production efficiency. Our solution uses RFID to carry out effective management and reduce human error. Microprogram adopts PEPS (Passive Entry, Passive Start), which is originated from the RFID technology of automotive keyless entry module, and passively trigger wake-up, returns the ID code in the tag and the sensing information in the reader. This technology extends the battery life of etag significantly. Its LF signal effectively overcomes the interruptions caused by liquid substances and metal environments. It has a long-distance detection function and adopts UHF to return the data to the reader. Now Microprogram has living examples of positioning in closed areas, such as staff monitoring, visitor tracking, asset equipment control, and escorting and tracking of data to medical institutions. Our solution combines critical advantages, including quickness, accuracy and excellence. The hardware design of our products has high-end specification standards. We deploy independent triggering wake-up devices based on the size of the space and conduct positioning with low interruption and high accuracy. These devices sense the location in 1 second and returns the positioning point information. That's how Microprogram creates a perfect space management solution.


Problems we solve

  • Parking lot: The parking lot administrator doesn't need to check the ID of the user or worry about losing the magnetic card.
  • Office: This solution is an active access attendance system. Employees don't need to wait in line to punch the clock or worry about forgetting to punch the clock.
  • Material storage: Immediately keeps track of the in and out status of the product stock and saves time taking inventory. Therefore, it can be used for theft monitoring.
  • Indoor positioning of the administration unit: Locates and track the staff and asset immediately.

Key advantages

  • Quick: Sensor senses the target in 1 second and returns the information to the system promptly.
  • Accurate: This solution has low interruption and with indoor positioning of 1 m.
  • Excellence: Hardware design meets the highest Taiwanese standard. The solution has its own high confidentiality protocol.
  • Useful in all kinds of places: Parking lot, office, warehouse, building, confined space and all types of management spaces.

Be our partners

  • Parking lot owners
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Medical units
  • Organizers that need to control the access to certain events


  • Parking lot management:Parking lot, factory, school, hospital, coporation, military
  • Asset control:Factory, school, hospital, coporation, military
  • Staff monitoring:Factory, school, hospital, coporation, military
  • Access and attendance:Factory, school, hospital, coporation, military
  • Factory safety:Factory
  • Material management:Factory
  • Visitor management:Factory, coporation
  • Ward round:Hospital
  • Confined space:Factory, school, hospital, coporation, military

Key features

  • PEPS is originated from automotive keyless technology. It adopts the RFID technology that has functions of passive LF triggering and active return.
  • No interruption by liquid substance or metal.
  • UHF data transmission technology.
  • Our solution extends the battery life of etag significantly.
  • High battery endurance and long-distance detection.

Service Architecture