Cashless society is becoming the trend of the future. With a simple “beep”, you can make a donation in a second. Unlike traditional donation boxes prone to theft, our solution eliminates the problem of donation theft and makes the account digitized and transparent without any counterfeit money. For cooperating stores, the solution improves their brand’s image of public welfare caring and eliminates the risk of donation box theft. During any public welfare promotion, no setup fee is required. For donors, not only are invoices provided, but the recurring donation design also won’t cause any financial burden. For public groups, this helps increase the visibility of the donation machine and the amount of donation from customer groups attracted by the store’s brand image. Eventually, the collaboration between Microprogram, public welfare groups, cooperating stores and donors creates a society of cashless donation, wireless sensing, and unlimited love!


Problems we solve

  • Avoid the problem of donation box theft.
  • Eliminate the concern of counterfeit coins and banknotes.
  • Realize fast donation, i.e. one donation per second.
  • Easy to set up and can be immediately used after installation.
  • Simple and elegant donation machine attracts more donations.
  • Account is cleared in the system and no cash is processed. This saves labor cost and reduces human abuse.
  • Allow co-organizers, such as charitable organizations and institutions, to check donations in real time.
  • Electronic donation reports eliminate human errors.

Key advantages

  • Diverse setting modes enable adjustments of donation amount.
  • Remote system maintenance and operation to check donations in real time.
  • Eliminate the concern of counterfeit coins and banknotes completely.
  • Awarded the prestigious “Taiwan Excellence Award” in 2017.
  • Sensing operation can be done in 1 second. Standard e-invoices can be printed out. Invoices can be issued for donations.
  • The best design of hardware specifications in Taiwan. Dust and water proof.
  • Applicable to different fields, for example, parking lots, exhibitions, and small donation.

Be our partners

  • Public welfare group
  • Charitable organization
  • Private donor group
  • Government agency, college and university
  • Medical institution
  • Temple and church
  • Business group and store pre-planned for public welfare
Be our partners


Since the e-payment and donation equipment required for the solution is compact and easy to install, the venues and fields with crowds and assessed jointly by the cooperation party and Microprogram can be set up with our devices, including:
  • Venues planned for charitable donations on campus.
  • Locations of public welfare donation set up at medical institutions.
  • Doors of a store cooperating with charitable organizations, e.g. Microprogram, United Way of Taiwan, TKK Fried Chicken and store of tri-party cooperation.
  • Temple square or church venues.
  • Commercial buildings cooperating with charitable organizations.
  • MRT stations.

Key features

  • With a “beep” of the electronic ticket, charitable donations can be made
  • Fixed amount for every donation
  • The e-payment and donation machine is easy to install and can be used immediately after installation.
  • A license plate recognition system can be combined for consumers to experience the fastest and most convenient accessing mode.
  • Easy to be combined with the signage of the cooperating party.
  • EasyCard is your charity card.
  • Donation amount can be adjusted based on the cooperating party.
  • Donation of different locations can be checked in real time.
  • Downloading of different reports is supported. Results can be exported to an Excel file.

Service Architecture