The “E-Bike Data Service Solution” provided by Microprogram enhances E-Bike cyclist experience and bike brand service value with IoT and Big Data to make smart technologies improve global competition for E-Bike. Compared to regular bicycles, E-Bike offers the advantage of power supply, and E-Bike data service has combined E-Bike Computer, IoT Device and E-Bike App, which could provide cyclists' real-time dynamic cycling data and E-Bike system data to the cycling data platform to bike brands or component manufacturers. Through cyclists' data to assist the brand’s business decision-making and remote device management, the E-Bike digital upgrades practically to create more added value for brand owners. For cyclists, a series of smart E-Bike devices, including E-Bike Computer and E-Bike App, make the cyclists’ experience more intelligent, reaching a win-win situation for cyclists, bike brands, dealers and component manufacturers.

Problems we solve

  • E-Bike digital upgrade, system integration of offline products and online services
  • Dealer after-sales service management (maintenance history, repair and maintenance online appointment)
  • Member cycling data collection and analysis
  • E-Bike OTA version update
  • E-Bike anti-theft and remote tracking (IoT real-time connectivity)

Key advantages

  • Vertical system integration (CAN Bus interface for off-line E-Bike device, Bluetooth or cellular network for connectivity and on-line service)
  • Analyze cycling and E-Bike data to provide brands with future market trends
  • Online E-Bike App integrates Offline E-Bike computer
  • Classable authorizations to members’ data management for management platform
  • User data collection (classable clusters)
  • Proprietary encryption design of wire/wireless communication for system & data security

Be our partners

  • Electric bike operators
  • Electric bike system operators
  • Bike brands
  • Bike stores/dealers
  • Bicycle parts operators
E-Bike Data Service Solution
E-Bike Computer
IoT Device
Smart Lock for E-Bike
E-Bike App


  • Cyclists:
  1. Cycling aspect:
    E-Bike computer, cycling record with E-Bike App, devices connection by Bluetooth, personal riding route track, navigation to a destination, low battery alert, management of multiple cars
  2. Maintenance aspect:
    Diagnosis of E-Bike system, repair and maintenance appointment, appointment reminder, maintenance history, function update, anti-theft and remote tracking (IoT)
  • Operators:
  1. Sales aspect:
    Members’ data collection, customers preference inquiry, notifications of preferential activities, service-related history
  2. Market aspect:
    Business decisions, Big Data analysis, optimization upgrade
  3. Brand aspect:
    Master comprehensive information, improve user satisfaction

Key features

  • E-Bike computer: displays the demand of important information for E-Bike commuter and leisure users, which pair with E-Bike APP by Bluetooth to achieve the collection and recording of personal cycling data and extend more personalized function services.
  • IoT device: built-in LTE, GNSS, CAN Bus, G-sensor, can be integrated with E-Bike system to provide real-time data transmission, vehicle tracking, and related anti-theft features.
  • E-Bike APP: connected cycling data, cycling record, bike maintenance reminder, one-click diagnosis, route navigation, comprehensive after-sales service offering users a better experience.
  • Device management system: collect the data of E-Bike devices, remotely monitor E-Bike status, version management, vehicle location/remote control/data usage status (used with the IoT), and help the operators manage E-Bike conveniently through its backend system.
  • Store management system: maintenance and repair online appointment, consumer bike situation feedback, maintenance history, members management, and simple operation but enhanced management efficiency and service quality of store management system.
  • Cycling data platform: collect the cyclists’ cycling data, user behavior, consumption information and others data; and through categorized users, Big Data analysis, cycling heat map, quantified data as precision marketing, strategy planning, decision-making judgment indicators for enterprises to provide customers with the most accurate service and create the corporate value promotion.
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