The China Steel Corporation headquarter is located in Kaohsiung Multi-functional Commerce Park and it was completed in 2013. It's an SRC building with 29 floors and four basements. It has black-and-white geological lines and became the new landmark of the port district of Kaohsiung. It is also the most advanced smart green building in Kaohsiung. Microprogram works with CSC Group and implements the RFID management system for CSC Group to build a smart building with intelligent management.


Advantage of implementation

This system has been officially launched. Some environments adopt the active RFID system. Users can activate relevant equipment without swiping the card. In the parking lot, drivers don't need to stop the car while reaching the gate. For example, the sensor of the ETC machine on highway detects the car identification and opens the gate after approval, reducing the time for entrance and exit.

Access management system

  • Fully web-based management interface.
  • Hierarchical management, different management points are placed based on privilege.
  • HR data can be synchronized with the HR system.
  • Displays the status of access controller dynamically.
  • Encrypts the signal of controller and management system.
  • The entire system adopts highly secured encryption technology in accordance with international standards.

RFID Card Making Workstation:Visitor/employee ID management system

Employee ID management system
  • Employee ID card replacement.
  • Connection with the HR database.
  • Writes the RFID ID card and data at once.
  • Integrates staff data and prints it out immediately.
Visitor management system
  • Approves the application for visit and manages the access and login record.
  • Makes the RFID visitor ID card (actively/passively).
  • Manages the visitor status in coordination with the management system of staff movement.
  • Abnormality notice (when visitors enter unauthorized places).

Management system of visitor (staff) movement

  • Alert for visitors intruding restricted area.
  • Staff movement lookup.
  • Staff control function: This function can add restrictions to visitors. Therefore, visitors are allowed to enter certain areas only.
  • The visitor system can be integrated with the access system.

Structure Diagram