ID card and access system for National Tsing Hua Unicersity is a smart identification service. It is based on RFID smart cloud service and it put all events and services of the users on campus into consideration. We work with operators to integrate all functional units, including banks, companies for copying and printing machine lease, and ICT software and hardware companies. This service is consistent, simple and interoperable.


We can develop five major functions by electronic integration

  • Reinforcement of campus life function

    The digital student ID card adopts non-contact sensing design. It can be used in sharing application services including access on campus, e-wallet, space booking, interactive KIOSK and identification. This expands the scope of service and more people can share the service. The life of members in all units will be more convenient.

  • RFID cloud application service platform

    Microprogram provides OPEN API for academic developers to use the platform to build the software suit their needs. They can integrate all software on the same platform. Users can use all softwares on the platform via network to provide diverse services to the campus.

  • Mechanism of e-wallet petty cash payment

    The fee-based service of academic administration units (e.g. registration section, library section etc.), internal and external shops on campus, and smart vending machines enhance the consumption convenience of the members in all units and drive the development of business districts nearby.

  • ASP service data and authentication structure

    We propose data exchange regulations to satisfy the requirements for data exchange and build the cross life circle service.

  • Registered card for greater safety

    We use the cloud service platform so that students can report lost student ID immediately and anyone that picks it up cannot use the money in the card. The balance of the card can be returned to the student for safety.

Applicable scope on campus


Scenarios in all schools that this card can be used

  • Self-service facilities, such as printing transcripts
  • Campus bus point system
  • Campus facility payment system
  • Campus KIOSK
  • Identification control for the facility
  • Identification for book borrowing and return at the library