The “Multi-Factor Authentication Service for Petrochemical Industry” is a cross-plant solution that Microprogram provided for Taiwan’s well-known petrochemical company (hereinafter referred to as petrochemical company). This service combined functions such as finger vein recognition, face recognition, license plate recognition and eTag recognition, and strives to improve the security of personnel access to the plant, simplify the visitor registration process, and make good use of big data analysis to create smart access management platforms that are easy to manage.

Since this service went online officially in 2020, it improved the management efficiency of the company as well as digitized and intellectualized its original traditional operating models, allowed the company to experience the convenience brought by technological upgrades, effectively reduced labor loads and costs and created the next wave of business growth curve for the company.



  • The petrochemical company wanted to introduce smart management, effectively control personnel access and save operating costs.
  • Microprogram has expertise in smart recognition and focuses on providing IoT solutions with vertical integration of software and hardware development.

The goal

The expectation of the petrochemical company is to “intellectualize factory management and reduce paper and manpower.” In order to achieve these goals, Microprogram used its years of accumulated experience on the vertical integration of software and hardware to assist the company in introducing smart management systems to improve the visitor registration efficiency and use smart technologies such as finger vein recognition, face recognition, license plate recognition and eTag recognition to ensure the security for personnel and vehicle access to the factory. The issues and solutions are as follows:

Issue Solution
Visitor registration Changed paper registration to online application, implementing digitization
Contractor access to the factory; problems with paper applications and operations Re-optimized and intellectualized the recognition for factory access processes to shorten the registration time
Industrial safety training process Proposed the integrated system service concept to unify the validity period for industrial safety training, consistency of personal access and online test training
Control of the time for contractor access to the factory Smart control for the factory area; if the pre-set time was exceeded, the system notifies the event organizer automatically
Control of the time for vehicle access to the factory Used license plate recognition and eTag recognition to grasp vehicle access status


  • Controlled the factory area and introduced IoT technology using the first electronically integration information system service
  • Smart control of personnel function, allowing the event organizer to grasp the stay time of contractors efficiently, and enabling reminder functions to reduce risks
  • Created smart access management platforms and introduced big data analysis, providing the various plant areas with overall statistical service management of industrial safety data
Multi-factor Smart ID Kiosk
Multi-factor Smart ID Kiosk
Multi-factor Smart ID Kiosk

The difference

  • Equipped with multi-factor recognition elements such as finger vein recognition modules, face recognition engine, license plate recognition, RFID sensor modules; the factors can be selected according to the scenario
  • Has vertical integration and development capabilities for software and hardware
  • Long-term experience in the smart recognition market, providing suitable smart recognition solutions according to industry needs
  • Provided maintenance and operation teams at the north, middle and south regions to provide real-time support and assistance
  • Aluminum extrusion module construction method is adopted for the Multi-factor Smart ID Kiosk, able to reach IP54 dust-proof and waterproof standards, suitable for various outdoor environments




Multi-factor Smart ID Kiosk (MP-1902)

Multi-factor Smart ID Kiosk (MP-1902)

  • Provided related recognition applications and records
  • Innovative smart management service equipped with multi-factor recognition functions
Smart Access Management Platform

Smart Access Management Platform

  • System setting and management
  • Personnel and contractor information management
  • Visitor and contractor setting application management
  • Industrial safety training management
  • Factory access application and overnight (date) application management