The "Penghu Low Carbon Project Plan" was approved by the Executive Yuan in 2011. The Taiwanese government actively transforms Penghu into a world-class low carbon island. Electric motorcycles are the key to low-carbon promotion. The Environmental Protection Bureau of Penghu County authorized Microprogram to design, develop and build the first system of public smart charging post in Taiwan, which was completed in June 2011.


All charging posts built by Microprogram have the RFID system. Users can pay for charging by EasyCard. We don't allow cash payments because we want to avoid coin machine theft. The hard shell design can bear the sea wind, 40-degree weather in summer and strong typhoon. The charging post has a built-in LED display. Users can view the screen clearly even under the noon sun. We built 330 charging posts in 27 areas in Penghu. Residents and tourists don't have to worry about power when riding the electric motorcycle.

We implemented smart cloud management for all charging posts. Riders can go online to check if any nearby charging posts are in use. The administrator can check power detection, charging record and repair management settings from the administration backend. Therefore, the government can operate the system with less labor.

Tourists can rent electric motorcycles from electric motorcycle rental shops in Penghu. Charging stations are available in all attractions in Penghu. Tourists don't have to worry about charging. Penghu welcomes everyone to Penghu to enjoy a smart, low-carbon trip and embrace a great lifestyle by using smart low-carbon concepts.