In 2015, the trend of electric bike started in Europe, leading to the rise of services associated with electric bike. Microprogram and our long-term partner Giant Group cooperated again after the development of "RideLife Digital Bike Delivery Service". We work hand-in-hand with Giant to invest in the extension service of electric bike. We eventually developed "e-Bike Electric Bike Inspection Service" through communication, R&D, testing and correction. We upgrade and evolve the repair and inspection service for electric bike. With refined ability in software-hardware integration, Microprogram enters the European market’s bike industry with Giant. We lead with innovative technology to step out into the world.

  • We integrate the member cloud with the experience in software-hardware integration and challenge the extension service of electric bike again

    Microprogram and Giant Group developed the "RideLife Digital Bike Delivery Service" together and set a good foundation for cloud service. The overseas electric bike market is currently prevailing. With the experience in combination of member clouds and software-hardware integration, Microprogram cooperated with Giant Group to invest in the ever-challenging electric bike field in 2015. Traditional bikes can be repaired manually. On the other hand, electric bikes have refined batteries and control systems, which is harder to determine the problem areas with just observation. We developed an "inspection service as good as those for cars" which includes the system detection tool and Bluetooth transmission module. It helps technicians of electric bike stores safely and quickly solve problems for bikers. We will definitely upgrade the service experience.

  • Bluetooth connection is used for diagnosis and all conditions are displayed

    We connect the ECU with the store computer via Bluetooth to diagnose the problems of the electric bike. Bluetooth is a common communication method and supported by all phones. Microprogram team joined the development and added Bluetooth compatible support and command connection to the diagnosis equipment. Therefore, users don't have to plug the cable into the diagnosis equipment to return the data and can even update the firmware of bike via wireless connection. We show a perfect combination of innovative technology.

  • Overcome countless obstacles for greater agility

    Microprogram cares about communication, scenario simulation and actual test and verification for each cooperative development. During the integration test in the later stage, we still need to get over problems with communication and the adjustment of Bluetooth distance. We sent our workers to Giant China to join a tough "Brainstorming Camp" for a week. We communicated with partners face-to-face and spared no effort to solve all the problems that came up. Face-to-face communication is great for instant feedback and response and effective problem-solving. We can grasp possible circumstances through scenario simulation, which helps us predict other possible risks. We carry out on-site testing for instant verification, treatment and correction. We focus more on flexibility and agility besides professionalism.

  • First learning: Define problems clearly and be familiar with customer needs

    Our experiences enhance our observation. When we cooperated with our industry partner to develop the software, it is usually hard for our partner to discover issues with system and process because the software development involves deeper technological perspectives. Microprogram acts as a reliable partner and sets specifications by guiding our partners. We hope our project runs smoothly and put ourselves in the shoes of our partner. We take this project seriously and wish to build reliability. It is important to understand industry and consumer scenarios.

  • Second Learning: We build chemistry with our team members by communication this contributes to smooth implementation

    Building chemistry with team members is one of the keys to smooth achievement. Back then the partner directly asked R&D staffs to handle their needs but it is likely that we could not clarify priorities. Therefore, we can discuss the issue with the contact person before replying to our partner and let the contact person lead the communication as needed. Besides, we always have our project documents ready to avoid problems with staff changes. Sometimes we change staff because staff members take leave or we have temporary support, causing gaps during implementation or communication with customers. Therefore, it is fundamental to always have our documents ready and communicate to build chemistry.

  • We completed the development in 2016 and added new factors to focus on further upgrade

    We are now adding more requests based on current functions for further advancement and improvement. We will carry out flexible changes with partners in hoping for a direction connection with consumers and adaptation to language issues in different markets. Microprogram is experienced in the software-hardware integration service. We can take the opportunity to go global and with our partner and join the game. We can provide stronger technology as backup support and increase our brand value.

  • We do what others can't do with our critical, one-stop software-hardware integration

    The biggest problem our partners faced the most is "impossible integration". Typical corporations carry out separate production and deal with different projects separately. For instance, a corporation asks a German supplier to write an app to adapt with the local market and asks a Chinese supplier for hardware meter controlling device to reduce the cost. The corporation then connects the firmware commands by itself. However, the integration fails when connecting the systems of three parties. The product developed doesn't meet market needs and cannot be launched. Microprogram provides a one-stop software-hardware integration service, which is its key advantage and value.

  • Keep up with the trend in international markets and carry out adaptive, location-based development

    According to the statistics from January to August this year by Taiwan Bicycle Association, about 100 thousand electric bikes have been exported from Taiwan to Europe, 32% more than the ones in the same quarter last year. This shows infinite potential. In Europe, electric bikes are treated as sports equipment. Biking becomes a cultural trend because exercise is popular in Europe. We will provide extensive adaptive services based on the preference of Europeans to correspond to their habits and needs. Our development will be based on additional services for the bike.

  • We cooperate with partners for coexistence and co-prosperity and add new values to the industrial service

    The current inspection system service connects the electric bike to the store. We hope that we will be able to connect the electric bike to the biker. This goal is under development. Giant wants to connect to global consumers and build a core belief as "family". The value of Microprogram is to act as an important "technology development center" for further development and advancement. We want to add new values to Giant bike products. We start from aspects including cloud, big data, software and consumers and provide an all-round innovative service experience based on these aspects. Please look forward to our future development.

Development chronicle of "e-Bike Electric Bike Inspection Service":

  • The electric bike in overseas market was on the rise.
  • Beginning of 2015 We began to invest in development.
  • End of 2015 Kunshan Brainstorming Camp.
  • End of 2016 We completed the development.
  • We launched our service.
  • We modify the follow-up products and develop new version of the software.