Taiwan Taxi’s EasyCard E-Payment Service combines the existing management team of Taiwan Taxi with the advantage of market circulation for the EasyCard, which is able to enhance the convenience of paying taxi fare for the business operators, drivers and passengers, through the service developed by the Microprogram Information.

Founded in September 2005, Taiwan Taxi is the leading brand of taxi service in Taiwan. The Taiwan Taxi provides taxi service all over Taiwan and serves about 350,000 passengers daily and the daily calls to the platform are more than 120,000 calls; at present, there are more than 20,000 accumulated taxis available in the Taiwan Taxi and it provides service all over Taiwan, with the market share is as high as 23%.

On the basis of the statistics released by the Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission in November 2018, the usage circulation rate of the EasyCard in Taiwan is about 70% and the accumulated number of card issuance is 80 million cards which is one of the highest circulating electronic vouchers in Taiwan.



  • Taiwan Taxi hopes to optimize the taxi services and provide the E-Payment service to accommodate a cashless society.
  • Microprogram has extensive experience in the cooperation of E-Payment development in the transportation field and mature technology for the integration of software and hardware.

The goal

In response to the diverse payment trends in the market, the Taiwan Taxi had shortened the time of getting changes for passengers, avoided the driver's trouble of not having change for passengers, and significantly enhanced the convenience of paying taxi fare for passengers since the implementation of the EasyCard E-Payment. The functional services had also been upgraded after the year 2016, and the subsidy program with the EasyCard E-Payment for the elderly or people with disabilities provided by Taipei City, Taichung City and Taoyuan City Government are implemented; the number of transactions per month had tremendously increased from thousands to ten thousand. The following are the discussed issues and solutions:

Problem Solution
The low management convenience for the Taiwan Taxi and cash flow The business owner can achieve the automatic management for the Taiwan Taxi and cash flow
The cost of time for exchange of small changes in advance Without the cash payment, preparation of changes in advance is no longer required
The possibility of giving incorrect changes and theft No need to give back changes, thus the possibility of giving incorrect changes can be avoided
Less payment choice for the passengers This service offers an extra payment method other than paying by cash
Passengers rush to find money to pay when getting off the taxi Pay by the EasyCard to save the time of paying or getting the changes


  • To accommodate the trend of payment without cash and provide more than 15,000 taxi operators of Taiwan Taxi in Taiwan with the EasyCard E-Payment service.
  • To facilitate the government’s service for the citizens; for instance, work in line with the subsidy program for elderly provided by Taipei City, Taoyuan City and Taichung City Government.
Taiwan Taxi's EasyCard E-Payment Service
Taiwan Taxi's EasyCard E-Payment Service
Taiwan Taxi's EasyCard E-Payment Service

The difference

  • Use the EasyCard E-Payment to pay for the fare and shorten the transaction time.
  • The drivers don't have to worry about the possibility of giving incorrect changes and theft; and they will receive the correct payment of fare.
  • The driver can avoid the trouble of no changes for passengers.




Account management system

Account management system

  • Shop management
  • Device query and management
  • Account query
Backend management system

Backend management system

  • Query the transaction records
  • Report of device status
  • Device power on record