YouBike is an electronic automatic bike rental system. People can rent and return the bike at other locations. YouBike provides great transportation for public transit. Therefore, YouBike encourages the use of public transport and reduces use of personal vehicles. This contributes to carbon reduction, encourages exercise and solves traffic jam issues. YouBike aims to provide a good business service, reduce vehicle use, improve air quality and traffic environment, lead the cycling trend and get more bike riders.

YouBike has been in operation in Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu City, Miaoli County, Taichung City in Taiwan, and Quanzhou City and Putien City in China. More than 13 million cards have been issued since August 2012. Bikes were rented over 0.6 billion times. YouBike has been highly praised by national and international media for its contribution in transportation convenience, health, tourism promotion, urban view and low carbon life. YouBike brings convenience, high quality lifestyle and its high satisfaction wins popularity for the government.



  • We want to provide a better service for the public by combining the traditional and IT industries
  • Microprogram has professional smart bike technologies and makes efforts in providing IoT solutions through software-hardware integration.

The goal

YouBike aims to reduce vehicle use, improve air quality and traffic environment, lead cycling trends and get more bike riders. Microprogram, as an industry partner of enterprises, sets "better user experience" and "comprehensive digitalization upgrade" as our main goals to help partners build customer identification. We achieve this goal by introducing technological service and integrating big data analysis and smart technology of IoT. The issues and solutions are as follows:

Problem Solution
Convenience of registration Our solution simplifies the registration significantly for users to register for the bike quickly
Convenience for rental and return Our solution works with familiar payment methods (e.g. EasyCard, iPASS and WeChat Pay) for users to use the bike quickly
Issues with sharing for members nationwide We propose the idea of integrated system service to unify the account and management
Issues with rental and return at different places We solve the issue with  the idea of data integration


  • It is convenient for members to register for the bike. It takes only 3 minutes to register and rent or return the bike.
  • Convenience for rental and return: It takes less than 1 minute to rent and return the bike.
  • YouBike is currently in operation in six counties/cities in Taiwan and Quanzhou City and Putien City in China.

The difference

  • Integration of multiple cards: Our solution provides services to card systems including EasyCard and iPass.
  • System localization: Our solution integrates with local cards (Quanzhou Gongjiao Card, Fulu Tong Card)
  • UnionPay: Users can rent the bike without registration via UnionPay debit and credit cards.
  • App reminder: Users can use the App to check the information on bike rental, return and charge immediately.
  • Multiple payment functions available: Our system is integrated with WeChat Pay. Users can use their phone to scan the code for bike rental and return.
  • Our system and Internet Data Center are ISO-27001 certified.
  • KIOSK has inner and outer cases, which are great for heat dissipation.






  • Registration function: Registration guidance, mobile confirmation and card binding 
  • Search function: Member application, member record lookup, bike station information lookup and transaction record lookup
  • Member data maintenance: Member data maintenance, and card addition and deletion

Bike post controller

  • Users can use the controller to rent and return the bike and pay for the rent by card.
  • Bike control and detection
  • Light and sound indicator
  • Linux OS provided
YouBike App, website and backstage management system

YouBike App, website and backstage management system

  • The controller allows users to use their cards to register for the bike. It is also responsible for card management.
  • Users can use the controller to look up the information on the bike station and check the rental and return record.
  • The administrator can use the controller for card management and data statistics.
  • Announcement and operation management