YouBike was officially launched in Taipei in 2012, starting a new chapter of public bike in Taiwan! The YouBike system has been expanded to many counties and cities in Taiwan. Development and maintenance of its software system have both been commissioned to Microprogram. YouBike has continuously pursued breakthroughs in operation for many years and strives to meet public needs. Microprogram assisted YouBike with system optimization, and released YouBike 2.0 in 2020. Each bike is equipped with a smart panel. A QR code/ verification code rental function has been added to provide diverse rental methods for users. With the light pile design of the YouBike dock 2.0, the bikes can be deployed in alleys. Therefore, public bikes can provide thorough first and last mile-connections for commuters.

In January 2020, YouBike and the Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government, carried out the “YouBike 2.0 Pilot Run” in the neighborhood of Gongguan (including National Taiwan University campus) for three months. Bikes were rented up to 500 thousand times by over 60 thousand people. The average turnover rate per day was over 10 times, and the overall satisfaction was over 90%. So far, Kaohsiung City, Chiayi City, Taichung City, Taipei City, New Taipei City, Hsinchu County have officially implemented the YouBike 2.0 system. The number of users and rentals in all cities have been growing steadily. It also enhances the convenience of sightseeing. YouBike 2.0 brought a fresh look to traffic in all counties and cities!



  • Increase the density of bike stations and the speed of installing them to enhance convenience and meet the needs of first and last mile-connections in public transportation.
  • Microprogram is experienced in developing software and hardware systems and acts as a long-term system supplier of YouBike.

The goal

YouBike aims to deploy public bikes in alleys, ensures perfect first and last mile-connections of public transportation, increases station density, and enhances the convenience of YouBike. The issues and solutions are as follows:

Issue Solution
Bike stations must connect to mains electricity and there isn’t enough space, slowing down station installations The bike is equipped with a smart panel. The rental function of dock is reallocated to the smart panel to save station power. Therefore, quick installation is possible even when the space is small.
Integration of member data Member data of YouBike 1.0 is integrated. Registered members can rent YouBike 2.0 without signing up again.
Diversity of e-payment The YouBike 2.0 App has been developed. After binding their credit cards, users can use the App to scan the QR code on the smart panel or enter the verification code to rent the bike.


  • Integration of member data: The member data of YouBike 1.0 has been integrated for users to rent YouBike 2.0 directly.
  • Diverse rental methods: Users can use E-ticket (EasyCard and iPASS). Or scan the QR code/ enter the verification code via their phones which bind the credit card.
  • Faster station establishment: Previously, adequate power supply and telecommunications were required for the station.
    Now the station can be activated immediately after deployment is complete.
  • YouBike 2.0 system is currently operating in Taipei City, Kaohsiung City, Chiayi City and Taichung City (sort by time).

The difference

  • Numerous e-tickets have been integrated: EasyCard and iPASS
  • Mobile scanning supported: Many kinds of e-payment tools are available, such as credit cards.
  • Smart panel: The solar panel is used for auxiliary power supply. The green energy is the most eco-friendly.
  • Dock 2.0: Solar panel power supply is used without additional power supply. The night warning feature is provided.
  • Lock 2.0: The bike can be locked without a key when parked temporarily on the side of the road. It can be unlocked in the same way as the user rents the bike.




Smart panel

Smart panel

  • The solar panel is used for auxiliary power supply. This power usage method is most eco-friendly.
  • Music reminder is available, intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Users can rent and return the bike. Diverse rental methods are available, including e-ticket and mobile scanning/ verification code.
YouBike 2.0 App, website and backstage management system

YouBike 2.0 App, website and backstage management system

  • Member sign-up and ticket management
  • Station information and inquiry of rental records
  • App message reminder
  • Insured with public bike injury insurance
  • System management
  • Announcement and push-notification
  • Management of data such as cycling data statistics