YouBike 2.0E is an electric-assisted public bicycle system developed together by Microprogram and YouBike. With the additional electrical system, the bicycle can provide electrical assistance once the user steps on its pedals; this can not only save strength for the rider, but also makes the bicycle easier to ride on roads with steeper slopes. The bicycle can be ridden for a maximum of 80 kilometers on flat roads when fully charged. The system of YouBike 2.0E is the same as YouBike 2.0; the renting and returning functions can both be completed on the smart panel. A variety of rental methods are supported, including code-scanning and the entering of verification number; the docks are also universal with YouBike 2.0. The design of the dock allows faster deployment of stations.

YouBike 2.0E officially started operating in Chiayi City and Taichung City. It joined the current ranks of the YouBike public bicycle rental system. In addition to providing more convenient services to the users, it also provides another new option of public transportation that can save a lot of strength!



  • Allows the elderly, people who need to ride long distances and people who have difficulties riding uphill to climb hills easily and ride comfortably; enjoy the experience of easy cycling.
  • Continuing on the development experience of YouBike 1.0 and YouBike 2.0, Microprogram and YouBike continued to optimize the system and operation models and is committed to providing users with more comprehensive public bicycle rental services.

The goal

YouBike noticed that some areas have undulating roads and sometimes elderly, people who need to ride long distances have difficulty riding bicycles; therefore, YouBike wishes to resolve this problem by implementing electric-assisted bicycle services and to increase the willingness of users for cycling by providing more comfortable riding experiences. The issues and solutions are as follows:

Issue Solution
It's more difficult to ride bicycles on roads with steeper slopes Implement electric-assisted bicycle system to achieve the goal of saving strength
with the help of an electrical system.
Connect to existing YouBike 2.0 system YouBike 2.0E and YouBike 2.0 use the same dock, therefore the rental and return
processes for the users are the same as before, making it easier to get started
with a seamless connection.
Charging issues of vehicles The remaining power can be displayed through the smart panel; not only can this
remind users to return the bicycle as soon as possible when there is low power,
YouBike partners can also monitor the power status of the bicycles at the stations through backstage management system and change the batteries when needed, ensuring uninterrupted services.
Integration of member data Integrate existing YouBike member data, registered members can rent YouBike 2.0E without signing up again.
Diversity of e-payment Shares the same App as YouBike 2.0; after setting is completed through code-scanning, users can use the App to scan the QR code on the smart panel or enter
the verification code to rent the bike.


  • Integration of member data: The member data of YouBike 1.0 and 2.0 have been integrated, the registered member can directly rent YouBike 2.0E.
  • Diverse rental methods: Users can use E-ticket (EasyCard and iPASS). Or scan the QR code/ enter the verification code via their phones which bind the credit card or e-payment.
  • Chiayi City is the first to implement YouBike 2.0E system, with the goal of gradually expanding to other cities and counties.
YouBike 2.0E station
YouBike 2.0E station
YouBike 2.0E station

The difference

  • Supports a variety of e-payment tools including e-ticket (EasyCard and iPASS) and code-scanning through mobile App.
  • Smart panel: Remaining power and riding speed can be displayed.
  • Dock 2.0: Solar panel power supply is used without additional power supply. The night warning feature is provided.
  • Lock 2.0: The bike can be locked without a key when parked temporarily on the side of the road. It can be unlocked in the same way as the user rents the bike.


YouBike2.0 Service


Smart panel

Smart panel

  • Remaining power and riding speed can be displayed.
  • Music reminder is available, intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Users can rent and return the bike. Diverse rental methods are available, including e-ticket and mobile scanning/ verification code.
YouBike 2.0 App, website and backstage management system

YouBike 2.0 App, website and backstage management system

  • Member sign-up and ticket management
  • Station information and inquiry of rental records
  • App message reminder
  • Insured with public bike injury insurance

  • System management
  • Announcement and push-notification
  • Management of data such as cycling data statistics
  • Monitor the power status of the bicycles at the stations