The YWS smart electronic bike lock is collaboratively developed with Microprogram Information Co., Ltd. The bike lock can be unlocked by an wireless RFID Keytag or integration with E-Bike system to use the mobile APP, which enhances the user’s operating convenience, safety of management and the connection convenience between the bike lock and the E-Bike equipment. Founded in 1975, Yuan Wen Sing Industries Corp. is a manufacturer of bicycle accessories and its products that include bike bells, locks, kickstands, handlebars and various pressed products. All of their manufactured products undergo tough testing to ensure the product quality; for instance, the bike bells must undergo the testing of 30,000 presses and the lock must pass the lock and unlock testing of 5,000 plus times. YWS is dedicated to continuously researching, developing and producing the most outstanding products for their customers and thus the mechanism of their bike locks meets the high standards of European countries such as Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.



  • Microprogram’s experience and technical expertise in the integration development of software and hardware for smart bikes and E-Bike.
  • The mechanism of YWS bike locks meets the high European standards of bicycle locks.
  • YWS is committed to creating innovative and convenient anti-theft application models for bicycles and E-Bike.

The goal

In response to the rapid growing trend of the technology era and the global E-Bike market, we hope to develop a user-friendly smart electronic bike lock through collaborative development which can be locked and unlocked by using the wireless RFID or via CAN Bus with its integration into the E-Bike system, to replace the traditional key, carry out the system integration, and implement a smart lock control with diverse applications and higher security. As for the aspect of production management, the efficiency of production and after-sales service can be enhanced through the matching process between a smart lock and the RFID Keytag which can be easily managed by a computer program (PC TOOL).

Problem Solution
User’s operating convenience. Use the RFID Keytag to control the lock and unlock operation;After the integration with E-Bike system, it can be operated by using an APP or E-Bike computer
The convenience of integration between the bike lock and E-Bike system. Standardize the CAN Bus protocol to facilitate the integration with E-Bike system.
Enhancement of management convenience. Develop the PC Tool to easily set the RFID Tag pairing for each of the smart electronic bike locks.


  • Combine the traditional bike locks with IoT technology to enhance its service level and corporate value.
  • Control the lock and unlock operations through the RFID wireless inductive operation, to enhance the user's operating convenience and change the stereotype of the general public that the bike lock can only be locked by a traditional key.
  • Standardize the CAN Bus protocol to facilitate the integration with the system of E-Bike business operators.
YWS Smart Electronic Bike Locks
YWS Smart Electronic Bike Locks
YWS Smart Electronic Bike Locks

The difference

  • With the CAN Bus communication interface, it can be integrated with the E-Bike system.
  • Integrated the wireless RFID function, it can use the RFID Tag for lock and unlock operations.
  • The security level of smart E-locks can be enhanced through the multilayer encryption.
  • PC Tool : integration with the production process to complete the production process of the production lines and enhance the management convenience of smart bike locks (including the supply of RFID Tags in the future).




Smart electronic bike lock

Smart electronic bike lock

  • Applied in regular bikes and electric bikes.
RFID Keytag

RFID Keytag

  • RFID inductive lock and unlock.
PC TOOL (Management)

PC TOOL (Management)

  • Firmware update、RFID keytag pairing and management.
APP function module for NFC  control

APP function module for NFC control

  • NFC inductive lock and unlock.