Microprogram Creates E-Bike Digital Ecosystem with Software and Hardware Integration

Microprogram is committed to creating a digital ecosystem for the bicycle industry and implementing the "Bikonnect E-Bike Data Service Solution," in order to provide a comprehensive and integrated virtual data solution for bicycle brands, bicycle component manufacturers, bike store managers and cyclists. This service had received great attention from the international bicycle buyers in 2019 The Cycle Show hosted in U.K. It is going to publicly release this new series of smart products on May 14-16 at the 2020 Taipei Cycle+.  The Bikonnect App is now available on the Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store. We welcome all the predecessors and cyclists in the industry to download and experience the App.

"Bike" + "connect" = "A Connection between the Clouds and Bikes to Create Infinite Possibility"

"Bikonnect E-Bike Data Service Solution" is the latest smart bike brand of Microprogram. "Bikonnect" is a combination of "Bike" and "connect" which indicates "a bike connection to create infinite possibilities." With the brand slogan of "Connect Your Bike, Ride the Future" it closely connects the E-Bike Computer, App, Store Management System and Cycling Data Platform to form a digital ecosystem as well as creates a one-stop digital technology service. In addition, this E-Bike data service is also supported and advised by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the smart cities and townships life application plan, to facilitate the great MIT products to enter the international market.

Implement the cloud data services for bicycles with 25 years of IoT experience in research and development 

Tony Wu, the CEO of Microprogram stated that Microprogram has accumulated 25 years of experience in technological innovation and provided the industry of Bike Sharing and smart bikes with stable maintenance services for more than ten years. Microprogram assists you to solve the pain points of the business operators in the bicycle industry and conduct technology upgrades to offer the best bicycle IoT solutions for the business operators in the industry. The E-Bike data service solution provided by Microprogram is able to help the E-bike business operators to quickly implement the IoT services. The E-Bike Computer connects the E-Bike with digital services (App) via Bluetooth to enhance the user experience. Moreover, the Cycling Data Platform is able to help the brand owners to analyze consumers’ user behavior and user clustering, to be used as a reference of big data in product development and marketing promotion for business operators. The provided corresponding and precise service will enhance the level of service satisfaction and fulfill customers’ needs. The huge amount of data will be transformed into valuable strategic business information to predict the overall trend in the industry.

CEO Tony Wu has been invited in different occasions to participate in the pre-exhibition press conferences and industry forums conducted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, to share the advantages of the one-stop research and development services with the industry, including the user centered design, software and hardware research and development, and big data analysis and research, which are the best partner for the advancement in bicycle technology. In addition, Microprogram also actively collaborates with major manufacturers in the industry to launch diverse smart services such as the E-Bike Computer, App, Cycling Data Platform, Smart E-Lock, speed cycling cadence sensor, power meter, and the E-Bike diagnostic tool solution etc., to practically collaborate with our partners and realize our vision of creating values together with our partners. For any service enquiry, please contact us via email: