By Creating Bike Digital Ecosystems, Microprogram Competes for New Business Opportunities for the E-Bike “Micromobility”

E-Bike Data Service Solution

The leading smart bike brand Microprogram participated in the Taipei Cycle Online 2021 to exhibit the “Bikonnect E-Bike Data Service Solution.” With 25 years of experience and advantages in software and hardware vertical integration, Microprogram introduced the E-Bike computer, E-Lock, IoT device, App, and Cycling data platform to provide a comprehensive vertical and physical integration data solution for bike brands manufacturers, parts component manufacturers and cyclists. Under the serious impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the global economy, Microprogram got through the difficult situation by providing smart upgrading solutions for the E-Bike while creating other business opportunities in the post-pandemic era by providing a new micromobility service for bike Sharing or bike rental service.

"Bike" + "Connect" = "A Connection between the Clouds and Bikes to Create Infinite Possibility"

Microprogram CEO Tony Wu stated that a great demand for other industries appeared due to the impact of COVID-19 on the global market in 2020. The bike industry moved against the tide, especially the demand for E-Bike increased significantly causing business opportunities in the post-pandemic era. Microprogram launched the E-Bike brand “Bikonnect” to assist E-Bike manufacturers to quickly introduce IoT services by continuous one-stop digitalized technology service.

E-Bike manufacturers can connect E-Bike with connected digital services (App) and cycling data platform by bike equipment such as E-Bike computer, IoT device and E-Lock developed by Microprogram to further improve the user experience. Moreover, the Cycling Data Platform is able to help the brand owners to analyze consumers’ user behavior and user clustering, to be used as a reference of big data in product development and marketing promotion for business operators. The provided corresponding and precise service will enhance the level of service satisfaction and fulfill customers’ needs. The huge amount of data will be transformed into valuable strategic business information to predict the overall trend in the industry.

The Popular Business Opportunity of “Micromobility” promotes the Intelligent Service of Sharing Operators

With innovative technology accumulated about 25 years, Microprogram has provided stable operations and maintenance service in the fields of YouBike, YouBike2.0 and smart bike. In recent years, Microprogram has involved in new business opportunities of “micromobility” to assist E-Bike manufacturers in providing more intelligent product user experiences by offering real-time connection application services such as anti-theft application, vehicle positioning, remote control and system message reminding via Cellular Network, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems)function and related sensor applications. These are also applicable to the fleet management of a lease bike sharing/ rental system, e-scooter leasing and the fleet management of electric motorcycle leasing providers.

This year is the 25th year of Microprogram. Growing with the bike industries through the ages, Microprogram is the best partner for upgrading bike technology by providing services of user research, software and hardware development and big data analysis study. If you have any needs, you are welcome to contact us via