The “Smart Locker Solution” provided by Microprogram integrates with smart space management system. Card identification and data synchronization are adopted for users to use the locker immediately. The system automatically records the time of locker access. Management unit keeps track of locker use via a cloud system. The system automatically sends an overdue email when applicable to remind users to return the locker. Meanwhile, the system notifies the administrator to clear the locker for the next user.

A user can pick an available locker via the locker monitor and use a card to open it. If the door is open over the system default time, the host automatically reminds the user to close the locker with an audio alert to make sure that the door is locked and avoid theft. If the user needs to remove items from the locker during rental, return the locker or renew rental, they can use the card to login at the host and perform these operations without the administrator.


Problems we solve

  • We save you the trouble of keeping the keys of traditional lockers, and cut down on labor.
  • It is hard to monitor the use time and rental condition of the locker. Users might occupy the locker for a long time.
  • Traditional lockers are not safe. (Users might forget to lock the door, or the keyhole might be damaged on purpose.)

Key advantages

  • The screen of the locker host is simple and easy to use.
  • A traditional key is replaced with a card for faster access.
  • Rental, item removal, return and renewal are simple and can be done by using a card.

Management unit
  • The cloud system updates the rental condition, usage data and equipment information in real time for convenient management.
  • Saves labor and increases efficiency by smart operation.
  • Provides system maintenance and repair for troubleshooting.

Be our partners

  • Schools
  • Amusement park
  • Private enterprise
  • Government agency
  • Locker supplier


  • Public areas such as libraries, swimming pools, stadiums and gyms
  • Lockers at train stations and tourist centers
  • Stores that need lockers

Key features

User-oriented locker design

  • After selecting a locker at the locker host, the door opens automatically and the light turns on for the user to find the locker quickly.
  • The door is locked automatically after it is closed. The user does not need to worry about the key.
  • If the door stays open over the time set by the system, the host automatically reminds the user to close the locker with an audio alert.

Locker host service

  • The user can use the card for automatic authentication and login without ID number or password.
  • The user can use the card to renew rental, remove items from the locker or return the locker during rental.
  • The user can look up the rental record.

Smart space management system

  • The operator can turn on or off the kiosk remotely based on the service hours.
  • The backend displays the rental and usage record immediately.
  • If the locker is overdue, the system sends the overdue notice automatically to remind the user to return the locker.

Service Architecture