Microprogram integrates big data analysis, smart technology of IoT to provide “Smart Space Management Solution” to help libraries (such as research rooms, study rooms, reading areas etc.) introduce technological services and comprehensive upgrade of digitization. The resource waste in manpower and utility has been greatly reduced. Also, the quality of user service and satisfaction are improved.

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Modern libraries have evolved from traditional book collections and storage to information digitalized libraries. The combination of smart space management solutions can not only optimize the user experiences and operating process, but also reduce the issues of unnecessary power consumption and library manpower. These are achieved by incorporating air conditioning, electric lights, etc., into space equipment management and by using infrared sensing of people flow. A “Learning Space Management Platform” is also planned to collect and analyze big data to be in line with market trends and needs and to build the connection with users.

Problems we solve

  • Unable to find empty seats and seats occupied by items, that are typically comprised of non-stopped chaotic scenes in the library
  • Complicated process to book the spaces and equipment in libraries (e.g. number drawing, application paperwork, identification document submission, receiving keys, etc.)
  • Even early waiting in line for entry to a library would not necessarily get the ideal seats or spaces (research room, discussion room, etc.)

  • Need to help remove seat occupied items and coordinate problems with user-occupied seats
  • Time-consuming manual filing of the data of the borrowed spaces and equipment in the library
  • Handle the no-show of reservations of the user or unturned keys
  • Manual operation to turn on/off lights and air conditioning one by one when the library opens/closes, that delays off-work time

Key advantages

  • Introduce the concept of integrated space system service to link with library databases
  • User can use on-line reservation (Web/ App) or book the usage of library services through kiosk by card, that simplifies the borrowing process
  • Integrated IoT technology to initiate all spaces, equipment reservations by simple card swiping
  • Incorporate air conditioning, electric lights into space equipment management and control to save energy and reduce carbon
  • Plan “Learning Space Management Platform” by collection and use of big data to proceed with “User-oriented” development and adjustment to meet the market trend and user needs

Be our partners

  • Libraries of colleges and universities
  • National Central Library
  • Office buildings in commercial campus
  • Business, conference center
  • Mobile offices, shared spaces


  • Study room
  • Research room
  • Discussion room
  • Group audio-visual room
  • Reading area
  • Night reading area
  • Meeting room
  • Office space

Key features

Improved smart services for user experiences

  • 24-hour on-line space and equipment reservation, no need for presence at the counter
  • Real-time issuance of notification email (successful reservation/cancellation, point counting, suspension of rights, etc.) to avoid missed messages
  • Swiping the card to register and start using reserved spaces and equipment
  • Seats will be automatically released when the reservations are not registered, to increase the utilization rate of the seats
  • Setup of decibel sensor to remind space borrowers to pay attention to the voice level of discussion, to avoid interruption and disturbance to external users

Backend reservation management system

  • Administrators can enter the backend through the Web anytime and anywhere
  • Real-time query and management of space and equipment borrowing and reservation record
  • Opening time of the library space and equipment can be adjusted in the backend according to certain times (winter and summer breaks, examination period, etc.)
  • Support all kinds of report and list for download, and the query results can be exported in CSV file format

Energy saving without waste

  • User can insert card to automatically turn on the power (lights, air-conditioning, screens, multimedia equipment, etc.)
  • Automatic power-off upon user removal of the card or after a certain time of inactivity
  • Apply infrared sensors to detect movement of people, automatically turn on/off power

Service Architecture