The “Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution” provided by Microprogram is for reducing the huge losses caused by machine malfunctions and shutdowns during the manufacturing process of semiconductors and flat panel display (FPD) manufacturers. The aging of machines is monitored by vibration-sensing so that failure positions can be discovered earlier. If abnormal collisions occur during the monitoring process, they will be reported and displayed on the screen; it will also be connected to the customer’s system to upload real-time data, and to detect wafer damages or glass fragments as soon as possible. The “Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution” can be applied on various machines that have reduced yield rates or shutdowns due to vibrations, providing more precise and mind-easing manufacturing operations for customers.

This solution has already been applied on semiconductors and FPD machines with customized development of Machine Fault Discovery System and Vibration Monitor for Wafer Scratches (refer to the demo video above) and other systems; diverse equipment vibration monitoring modes were also provided in response to the various monitoring environments and requirements. The features of each mode are as follows:

Mode Feature
Vibration features monitoring • Multiple sensors for long-term monitoring of equipment vibration
• Feature value calculation
• Connected to the customer's system to upload and report data
Vibration learning and monitoring • Connects and controls equipment through DI/O
• Introduced learning algorithms
• Able to reduce on-site computer installations
Multi-function vibration records and expert analysis • Supports various types of sensor recording; diverse usage methods
• Provides expert analysis software and report generation

Problems we solve

  • Real-time monitoring of abnormal machine vibrations and detects abnormalities of machines earlier
  • Creates vibration database for long-term monitoring
  • Increases the process yield and machine utilization

Key advantages

  • Wireless communication measurement
  • 3-axes, sampling rate 2048Hz, sensitivity 8192 LSB/g
  • Can be applied in various equipment components such as motor, pump, slide and robot
  • Multiple mode architectures available to choose from
  • Rich measurement experiences in semiconductor/panel industry

Be our partners

  • Front-end and back-end semiconductor manufacturers
  • Flat panel display manufacturers
  • Equipment requiring precise vibration measurement
Target customers
Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution
Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution
Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution
Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution


  • All machines that have reduced yield rates or shutdowns due to vibrations (robotic arm, slide, motor, etc.)
  • Semiconductor factory, FPD factory, process machines, etc.

Key features

VRS Smart Vibration Sensor

  • Comes in various types including battery, power supply and external connection, etc.
  • Wireless/wired transmission that can be installed freely.
  • Vibration sampling rate up to 2048Hz during Bluetooth transmission.
  • PC or DI/O direct communication can be used when applied for automatic monitoring.
  • Learning algorithms can be imported into the sensors to compute internally, determine and output.

Equipment Vibration Monitoring System

  • Multiple architectures that can correspond to different customer requirements
  • Software provided so users won’t have to develop software
  • Firmware/software/hardware are self-developed and can be customized according to customer needs

Service Architecture