Microprogram Makes Plans in the Semiconductor Industry and Provides Solutions such as Vibration Monitoring and Applications Against Micropollutants

Microprogram participated in SEMICON Taiwan 2021 for the first time. In cooperation with industry partners Winifred and T-parus Trading, Microprogram exhibited solutions such as “Smart Vibration Monitoring” and “Oxygen Detector.” "Smart Vibration Monitoring" can monitor the aging of machines by vibration-sensing and detect wafer damages or glass fragments as soon as possible. “Oxygen Detector” is mainly used to detect the ratio of oxygen content in the ambient air and is suitable for dangerous locations such as places with limited space or lack of oxygen. These services have also been practically applied to upstream and downstream semiconductor business.

Microprogram increases its scale in the semiconductor market with AIoT know-how

Taiwan is a hub for semiconductor manufacturing and SEMICON Taiwan is a professional exhibition that has gained worldwide attention. Microprogram’s CEO Tony Wu says Microprogram is dedicated to know-how in the semiconductor industry with its more than 25 years of professional technology and experience in cross-industry AIoT services by providing solutions such as integrated development of sensors, wireless/wired transmission, AI big data analysis and back-end management and one-stop solution to the pain points in the semiconductor industry.

This time, Microprogram exhibited “Smart Vibration Monitoring Solution” which can be applied on various machines (robotic arm, slide, motor, etc.) that have reduced yield rates or shutdowns due to vibrations. It can provide real-time monitoring of abnormal machine vibrations and detect abnormalities of machines earlier. Also, diverse equipment vibration monitoring modes are provided in response to the various monitoring environments and requirements. “Oxygen Detector” is meant for confined spaces in the factory and dangerous hypoxic environments. It can determine the oxygen content in the air of such spaces in order to prevent dangers from occurring after personnel enter. In addition, in the field of applications against micropollutants, Microprogram provides customized Multi controller to meet the requirements of sensing, control, integrated development and management in the manufacturing process.

Microprogram continues to deepen the connection of industries to co-create sustainable competitiveness

COVID-19 impacts the global market, causing shortages of raw materials and the risk of shutdowns and production halts. Nevertheless, the semiconductor industry still shows strong resilience even though the semiconductor supply chain is affected. According to the report of the Market Intelligence and Consulting Institute (MIC), the global semiconductor market is estimated to reach US$606.5 billion in 2022, with a growth rate of 10.1%. Over the years, Microprogram has been making progress along with Taiwan’s leading industries. In addition to the planning in the semiconductor industry, Microprogram also assists in the upgrading of smart technology in various industries such as bikes, micromobility, smart payments and biotechnology. Microprogram provides services of user centered design, software and hardware R&D and big data analysis and research and continues to practice its mission and vision “Connect partners, Co-create value.”

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