The budget and labor of the schools are reducing and energy saving awareness is rising. Colleges and universities are working on plans for energy saving, carbon reduction and controlling electricity fees. They strive for unmanned management, smart energy saving and remote control. They want to use smart energy saving classroom system to synchronize the power supply of classroom with the course timetable. The administrator can control the power supply manually for the extended course. This solution enhances the flexibility of management for different scenarios. The system notifies the administrator to pay attention to the power consumption when the classroom is empty and when no power should be consumed. This helps determine the overcharge and notify the administrator to check for power leakages. Users can find power leakages in the smartest way possible.


Problems we solve

  • Classroom key management, borrowing and loss issue.
  • Analytical statistics and warning of power consumption of classroom.
  • Power consumption of air conditioners and lights during classroom break time.
  • Flexibility of temporary class switching.

Key advantages

  • Automatic classroom access management based on course timetable to save classroom management labor.
  • Classroom power supply is based on course timetable, and is extendable.
  • Sends alerts for abnormal power consumption when the classroom is empty and the power is supposed to be off.
  • Card swiping record function can also be used for roll call.
  • Provide three different power supply control circuits for setting flexible shutdown interval.
  • Provides multiple power supply management mechanism comprising of classroom and course management cards and power supply control circuit remote.
  • Allows temporary manual control of the power supply for the classroom even though it carries out auto power supply management based on course timetable.

Be our partners

  • Colleges and universities


  • Computer and typical classrooms in school
  • Public classrooms in school

Key features

  • Integrates school identification with student ID. This can require users to swipe the card for authorization if they wish to use the classroom.
  • Automatic control of classroom power supply and access. Teachers can also control the system freely with the identification.
  • Supply power automatically according to course timetable, transmits power before class starts and extends power transmission after class.
  • Provides various power supply control for the classroom and allows users to control power supply manually or automatically. Users can control power supply by classroom, course management card and remote control.
  • Notifies users by mail when the classroom is empty. Therefore, users can pay attention to power consumption.

Service Architecture