The access control system is a software and hardware system used to control the access of non-specific people entering a certain pathway. This system adopts RFID and the card reader can read identification information in 0.3 seconds. This provides 24-hour unmanned management and reduces the labor for security. This system integrates mainstream cards on the market, including EasyCard, iPASS, Happy Cash and Mifare. Users only need to carry one card wherever they go. The newly added QR Code scanning function can replace the common cards. Users can enter and exit freely as long as they show the QR Code for scanning.

The administrator can set the event alert function, hierarchical authorization control and remote-control access. Users can keep track of the real-time access record via cloud connection and receive the record by SMS, App and email. For the security management of the user, our card is encrypted to reduce the risk of card theft. This system has functions including calculation of attendance hours, holiday control and clock punch. All access records are in detail and complete.


Problems we solve

  • Users can set the security and event alert functions to reduce the labor for security.
  • Supports QR code scanning which can replace the common cards.
  • Allows hierarchical authorization for 24-hour access.
  • Displays real-time access record for users to keep track of the security.
  • Notifies users via SMS, App and email for users to keep track of incidents.
  • Has an authorization expiration mechanism. It deletes the record automatically once the authorization is due.
  • Users can set the password to reduce the risk of card theft.
  • Conducts remote control of door opening.
  • Records the operation and access records in detail.
  • Closes the user privilege automatically during the controlled time on holiday.
  • Clock punch function.

Key advantages

  • Group privilege setting: Users can set the privilege for basic groups, shared groups and the connection between multiple people and points.
  • Interval privilege setting and holiday setting: Short-term privilege and temporary privilege forbidden.
  • Privilege inheritance function: If a card is lost or damaged, the new access card automatically inherits the privilege of the old card.
  • Role privilege: Differentiate administrator privilege based on function, section/control point and unit.
  • Access attendance system: Provides a detailed statistics table recording work hours, late and early leave, and calculates annual, casual and sick leaves.
  • High security protection level prevents copy cards from sensing (optional).

Be our partners

  • Schools and hospitals
  • Business buildings
  • Community buildings
  • Companies and enterprises
  • Accommodation and business hotels


  • Entrance of library gate
  • Entrance of the typical gate
  • Entrance of the hotel room
  • Entrance of the meeting room
  • Access control of the automatic door in the hospital
  • Access control of the rising barrier at the parking lot
  • Dormitory entrance and room door

Key features

  • Offers online customer service.
  • Multilingual support (Mandarin and Simplified Chinese, English).
  • Supports MS SQL, My SQL and Oracle databases.
  • Supports 255 identification and card types.
  • DHCP connection of access point (unfixed IP).
  • 9 types of access settings.
  • The latest 20 real-time records.
  • Provides the administrator numerous access settings.
  • Provides advanced function settings for access point maintenance.
  • Provides role authorization. Users can set separate authorization for units and access points.
  • Announcement setting function.
  • Flow sheet management function.
  • Sets the schedule based on access authorization and interval.
  • QR code has dynamic update mode (becomes invalid automatically if unused for a period of time) and supports digital signatures, effectively improving usage security.

Service Architecture